Saturday, July 31, 2010

You Know What's In There...

I read an article the other day. It was all about the fact that we are allowed to do this. If "they" want to shut us down...they will. That hit home with me. There is a line, that if we shuffle one foot over, will bring un-devine retribution and we will disappear into obscurity. It happens. We have all seen it. I don't know where that line is, here in the dark. Maybe that is the plan, if there is one.

Sometimes I feel like an unwitting Emmanuel Goldstein. We have been dismissed out here beating our heads against each other. We are on the fringe of society and when it comes right down to it, hated by most whose biggest decision of the day is deciding between a number 1 or a number2 for lunch. That hate they manufacture for us in their media goes by many names...tin-foil hatters(mad?), conspiracy theorists, anti-semites, lefties, home-grown terrorists...and on and on. I never really thought it would come to this.

When I was a youngster reading Orwell's prescient novel it was just a book. At the time I thought that things could never get to that point. And I was right. They never will. Not the way he predicted. The limits of decency in his mind could not have fathomed the methods by which we would reach his worst nightmare, when he penned it the year after terrorist jews invaded Palestine and set up their base of operations.
Somewhere in my head there was relief when we reached 1984 and I looked around at the world and saw no invasion of privacy to speak big government pervasive in my life and no global wars which we were herded into halls to cheer. And I could still get razors anytime I wanted them. My room 101 was empty.

This novel has been co-opted by the media and is now seen as an antiquity...fear porn if you will. The kids doing book reports on it(if they still do, I dunno) are using the same sentence to begin their essay: "I think this book is a warning....". It has become passe and irrelevant. It is now published in it's gazillionth edition by Simon and Schuster. Ironic. IT has become Emmanuel. It's images of hatred have been hijacked, by hollyweird and hence popular culture... to include the fear, but not the rats.

I am not going to harangue about the modern mis-interpretations of this work. We all know out here...we Winstons...that there are no real years anymore. Time stopped in 1948. It is always that year and it shows no sign of progressing any further. But what of the fear?
There is something about reading a book or watching a movie that compresses and takes you out of time. You don't see things clearly when they happen slowly. They know this. In this novel we are thrust to a time of nightmarish oppression quickly. To live it in transition is something entirely different. Funny really. What I have seen over half a century is mind-boggling to say the least. But how do I tell us all? Who save we few will listen.

Room 101 holds a collective fear now. They don't need to threaten anyone individually with tailored horrors. They have crafted our imagination and we have allowed it. It's off-the-rack and we can't get our wallets out fast enough. None of us want to go to that room to which they alone hold the key.
Every single facet of Orwell's dreadful world is right here and now. Slavery, death, war without end, blind obedience to screens,'s all here. And we invited it because of what is in that room....

That novel is in the room. And in it's newest edition it has a mirror-like cover.

If they hold a particular method to an end as the ultimate evil, they can achieve the same end by way of that deception.

"By way of deception..."

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Religion...a Rock and a Hard Place

I hate religion. All matter what. They deal in things that I can't sense. Sense is a big thing with me. If I can't touch or smell or see something, I have a hard time believing it's there. And even if it is there and I can't sense it, well I guess I see it as negligible. This of course rules out the presence of say distant galaxies or inert gases. So let's just deal with the metaphysical for the moment. That for which there is no scientific evidence of existence. From what I have read on the subject, it seems to me that most all religions can be traced back to a point in time when they were established for some sort of political control of people. I see no difference today. I hate being controlled.

I was raised in a loosely Christian home, in a loosely Christian nation. I use the word loosely as opposed to say, a theocracy in which religion plays a huge part in everyday life. Like most Americans at some point, I went to Sunday-school. I was exposed to all the myths and legends of gods and angels and heaven and hell, from a Christian point of view. I rejected it as BS, from an early age and have found no reason to retreat to it, as yet. But that is just a little background...not really important.

I grew to accept that Christians were people just like me that appeared to have a need to subjugate themselves to some imaginary creator which they could not sense, in lieu of questioning their upbringing. Fine. Stupid, in my estimation, but kind of understandable. Looking at existence from a philosophical perspective, or using science to explain the mysteries of life is much more time-absorbing than to just accept, even if only on the surface, what you were taught in a little room with other children upstairs in a church. So most Christians "believe" , more out of dismissal than probably anything else. I am sure it is that way with most all religions. It is when these Sunday-school fairy-tales are used for a reason to harm or kill others(the original purpose of these belief systems) that I abhor them. Much like an unloaded gun is ok with me if it is mounted securely on a wall as decoration, but when it is taken down, loaded and used as it was designed tolerance for it vanishes.

Although I cannot speak for every religion, I know that Christianity for the most part is a theology of kindness, forgiveness and one of tolerance. Although it has been misused in it's history by politicians to commit unspeakable violence, as it is practiced on an everyday level, and taking the teachings of it's founder(loosely) it was meant to be a calmer and more humanistic faith. And like it or not( I am a bit of a realist) those are "my" people. I understand them for the most part. And because most of their creed is of a common-sense variety(thou shalt not kill, turn the other cheek, love your neighbor etc.) I am not violently opposed to the adherents of such a the assault on my intelligence.
Most religions affect me that way. Believe what you want as long as it doesn't hurt anyone or involve me.

Then comes the "religion" of modern judaism. This is a funny creature without a clear-cut history. The inhabitants of the jews-only terrorist state of israel and in places of power in the western world, are a mixed breed of a religion. You have sephardi, ashkenazim, hasidic, reform, but mostly secular atheists pretending to be religious or seeing their parent's religion as a "race" or culture to which they belong. Most all faiths have sects. However no other religion of which I am aware try to identify themselves as a race among men. When you factor in the "our religion is the only TRUE one" ideal held by most all religions, and you identify your religion as a "race" or an ethnic culture replete with bloodlines...then your asking for trouble. Because you will not only believe that your religion is the one true one, logically it would follow that your "race" is the one true one. Racism.

If judaism had a basic sophism resembling Christianity, then that might work. Judaism has an ethos of self. Everything is for the advancement of jews only. It is spelled out in their holy books. The Gentile is here for their use, speaking in cultural terms. Therefore we have racial superiority...a supremacist philosophy built in. Dangerous...and obnoxious.

Now we observe the clash. The clash between judaism or as they know themselves through their mythology, "the chosen ones", and the rest of the Gentile world. You see, these jews do not have the same common-sense morality that is inclusive of all men. Their code is for they alone.
We will add to this horrible mix the fact that jews have no real regard for the Gentile and even a distinct scriptural HATRED for them. Hence, when the jew has cheated and stole his way to a place of power in, say a Christian society, those morals that Christians hold will be slowly destroyed around them.

When we look at the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, whether it is a forgery or not...this is what we are witnessing. The jewish power structure that has been built...oh so patiently in a Gentile world, dictating against everything that most hold to be true and good. Whether Christian, Muslim, Hindi....whatever, the hebrew has paved HIS way through the lives of ethical behaviour to suit his lack thereof.

So when it comes to my thoughts on religion, I am caught between a rock and a hard place. Hating the purpose of all faiths, and yet having even more disdain for the jew that destroys the everyday ethics of the Gentile world...I'm screwed.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What Are We Breeding?

I me old fashioned. I can't get these images out of my head.

And I am probably going to get some hate mail from the female portion of my readers, but...what kind of feminine animal is the world crafting.
I won't go into a Henry Makow rant about the "good old days" when women wore skirts and stayed at home to raise their babies. Really I am not a chauvinist...I don't think. Unless that definition includes one that once held the belief that women had more common sense than men. I always looked to women for grounding. You know the Jane Darwell type of female model that can always provide the big picture to us males. The character that sees things in perspective and allows for human frailty. I long for that female that is patient and not given to male endeavors of war and politics and are not swayed by the foolishness of men, but provide us with guidance through our journey here, be it mother, wife or daughter. How have we perverted that female human? Is she still here? Why is she no longer on our pedestals, but now seem to exist to do our bidding only,or mimic our male mindset of thinking no further than our stubborn noses?

Or did I dream this kind of woman?
It's pretty well accepted that the liberated woman is a touchy one. You can't point out for example that the ERA legislation was merely a khazarian stroke of genius to instantly double the tax-base. Or that even way back when...the Women's Temperance League and suffrage movement that brought about prohibition was merely jewish oil interests trying to outlaw home production of alcohol because it would compete with their fossil-fuel sales for autos. Or that it was perceived easier to impress a female voter with male candidates. This pulls the rug from under their imagined emancipation. And I can understand that. For eons, women have been used in one way or another by men. If they were not forced to play the "sexual object" role then they were coerced into emulating the male one. Pushed and pulled, often never seeing from where or from whom. I can understand their "touchiness". They must be constantly pissed off. I don't think I would want to be one.

Maybe I am making much ado about nothing. Maybe I place too much importance on the difference in the sexes. Maybe we aren't that different. That appears to be what the jewish media would have us believe. Perhaps women should be regarded as just smaller men. No smarter, no wiser... no more liberated. I dunno.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Monday, July 26, 2010


Although born of a jewish father and Roman Catholic mother, Oliver Stone must be one of those "self-hating" jews.

I never really cared for his films, but I have to admit that we can use someone with his clout on our side. He was being interviewed about an upcoming special that he directed concerning WWII, when he let the cat out of the bag stating“Hitler was a Frankenstein but there was also a Dr. Frankenstein. German industrialists, the Americans and the British. He had a lot of support".

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Another Think Piece and a Little Math...

I always liked those words..."think piece". It's a journalist's label for an article that dissects a news event to show a deeper meaning. Maybe I like the phrase because when heard, not read, it can be "think peace". No, I am not going to wax all peacenik on you(I always hated that word...too jewish).

It's easy to be blinded by the speed at which things are happening recently. It's hard to keep track. To pick any one of them and try dissecting is like chasing lost currency in the immediately focus on the one-hundred dollar notes, trying to retrieve the most valuable and lose sight of all the 20s swirling around your feet. Perhaps that is the way "they" want it. While focusing on the Gulf debacle, the Senate just green-lighted their yiddish master's bid to bomb the shit out of Iran. While focusing on the lost cause of 9/11, the immigration issue got lost. Looking closely at a jew smearing a noble black woman, another filthy-rich, filthy jew buys his way out of punishment for raping dozens of children. While concentrating on an israhell-firster joining the Tea-Party, the UN is just beginning their under-publicized investigation into the slaughter that jews there orchestrated against "peaceniks".

As our heads are constantly being snapped this way and that, trying to keep up with all the stories swirling around us, it is difficult to focus on the breeze that carries them in their spirals. There are few out here that are grounded and locked into watching the wind currents, and not what is being blown around by them,vying for our attention.

I have found a formula that works for grounding me. Many out here have also found it, but like most truths, it isn't pretty. When I use this formula, as my HS chemistry teacher was wont to say, I just "chug and plug". It always resolves. The correct answer is always there. And it is always the same.

For those of you that hate math(myself being one) this is not necessarily about numbers. Although it can be. There are quite a few constants in the equation : "Cui bono", "Follow the money", "The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion", "The Merchant of Venice", "Blood Libel". And there are many more, but they are interchangeable and all have intrinsically the same value in the formula.
So when I hear that Norman Finkelstein said this or that, or a suicide bomber kills sixty innocent bystanders...I plug it in and keep chugging through the equation, to the answer. It always amazes me how this formula is flawless and always produces the same correct conclusion. And as you were taught to check your math by taking that answer and working always works.

That constant answer is always: JEWn where the value of JEW is zero and the power of same is seemingly infinite, assuming that all other elements remain static.
In another way of interpreting this answer, one could say that without resisting the actions of the jew, his power over the inert Gentile will increase ad infitum.

As I said however, this answer like most cold calculations, isn't necessarily pretty. No frills. That milk-of-human-kindness thing is absent. We don't want to think about it. So we are reticent to believe the equation's answer. Our natural abhorrence to classifying an entire group of people as being "evil" makes us reluctant to accept such a mathematically correct conclusion. We tend to use words like zionist and neo-con to divorce us from believing that one particular religion and culture could hold such a disgusting value system that we witness being foisted upon us. But numbers and constants don't lie. That is the fair of the hebrew in contention of these facts. They do indeed murder and rape children in their jews-only state and around the world. They are in fact the owners of the world media and that media lies in protection of them constantly.

So the simple equation produces another simple conclusion: IF IT IS IN THEIR MEDIA, IT BENEFITS THEM. QED

We have in our human history, used this simple calculation before. And we have acted on it's inevitable conclusion. There have been pogroms. There will be another. But the coming one may be the last. The jew has introduced another element to the formula recently and that is guilt. Guilt for the pogroms of the past, culminating in "political correctness". However, this value is being questioned as we speak and no matter what faux integers are thrown into the mix, we will return to the unforgiving nature of pure numbers...and think... and do the math.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Plate Guy...

Few if any of you remember the plate spinning guy from the Ed Sullivan show. Hell, probably few remember Ed, when it comes right down to it. Of course you can watch syndication reproductions of the show on the OFC(old farts channel), but it ain't the same.

When we all gathered around the eye in the corner on Sunday nights to see Ed's fair for the week, it was live. All mistakes were seen and forgiven. And there were many. Ed was famous for cutting acts. When he told them they had 2 minutes to perform, he would often hustle the next act out, covered by a different camera, in 1 minute 42 seconds. It made for an interesting variety of WTF?

But outside of the Beatles debut and subsequent performances on his show, the plate guy was my favorite. I don't know why.
This guy would come out on stage and make your stomach acids flare with his feats of balance and timing. For those of you that don't know the age-old circus act, the idea was to spin plates on long fixed poles, and keep them spinning up there while you started more and more plates whirling on their poles so that at any given time in the act you had many of these plates balanced and rotating at 8 or so feet above the stage on flimsy sticks that you kept wiggling to balance the ceramic discs.
Of course as entropy would have it, the plate guy( I don't think anyone remembers his name...didn't matter) would have to, (once he got them all up and spinning), maintain their flights in turn before they fell. He fought gravity in a frenetic pace as he went from stick to stick, wiggling them in turn. You always watched for that most slowly spinning plate to see if he could get there in time to renew it's orbit before it fell to the stage and shattered. It never did. Or at least we were never allowed to see that happen. But you can't keep that kind of thing going on forever.

This act impressed me to no end. I loved and hated watching it. I guess we all felt that way. Because like the famous Wallendas, there could be a fall at any moment...and we would have to witness it. You don't want to see anyone fail that tries so hard. Well, unless what they are trying so hard at is to deceive. Then it is a joy to watch the plates smash on the stage and the acrobat fall to his death. That is human nature I guess. We none of us want to be deceived, lied to, or taken for fools. It's insulting and embarrassing.

Things continue to move fast and furiously on the world stage recently. We have the jewish child-molester twins being set free of any punishment for their despicable indulgences, a JAP (jewish-amerikan-princess)about to be appointed as a Supreme Court Justice, who has absolutely no experience or qualifications for that office, other than she belongs to the tribe. We have a zionist jew smearing the reputation of a decent black woman, israhell threatening to bomb Iran(ad vomitorum) and on and on and on...

But the plates are wobbling. There are too many up there. The plate guy can't get from one decaying spin to the next without sprinting at full speed...and plates are falling to the stage. They are smashing around him and there is nothing he can do to stop them.

And I'm lovin coin a phrase.

It's all a failed act and Ed is about to cut it short and cue another camera. The audience sees the mistakes, the falling plates and the act cut short... and they are going to start demanding their money back. It's as certain as gravity. The plate guy won't be back next Sunday.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Salieri and McNews...

In my last article, I accuse the MSM of tailoring it's news-bites and slanting it's leads into them, to fit their agenda. What I have yet to mention, is that I do the same thing.

Everyone has an agenda. When political bloggers tell you that they have the facts of the case...whatever that case may be, they too wish to convince you to follow their line of thinking and use subtle and careful word placement in their prose to do just that. If they are good.

I am not. I use a blunt instrument, where true writers will use a scalpel. I bludgeon the reader with invective ranting and little of the true journalist's ethos of careful referencing and methodical manipulation. It is my view that either you get there with me( where ever I'm going in a piece) or you don't. And I will haul you over the side if you can't see the destination that I do. Some say these are merely two types of writing. I disagree. I am not a competent writer. But that doesn't mean that I cannot recognize the genius of truly gifted writers out here with which I align myself philosophically. I merely attempt to add my voice. It's more a "conscience" thing than one of false vanity.

If I had any even rudimentary public speaking abilities, I would be ranting on any stage that would allow me to tread it's boards. I don't. I have taken many classes in creative writing...back in the day. Enough that I can communicate somewhat effectively, but not eloquently. So scribbling is the thing. The fact that I will not be quoted, doesn't bother me in the least.

I can recognize genius. In that respect I feel much like Peter Schaffer's Salieri. If you have seen his story of Mozart's climb to modest fame(Amadeus), and his arch-enemy's adoration/jealousy in the person of Antonio Salieri, then you will understand how I feel when I read the treatments of that which I politically agree, written by genuinely talented authors.

Although "Amadeus" was highly fictional, it was a great story. It allows the audience to empathize with this character whose only dream is to be able to write music as beautifully as does his sworn enemy...Mozart.
The divergence to this scenario, for my that I don't curse those with the gift of writing, I curse the MSM for their utter destruction of such.

Journalism no longer lives in the mainstream. There are no more writers there that can separate fact from the opinion of those that pay them...editorializing or simple reportage. Both have become prostitution. It's much as if Mozart were made to write only the popular vaudeville in place of Don Giovanni.

With the jewish/zionist owned media, news and commentary has been reduced to bland chicken-McNugget fair. Tiny bits of slanted vaudeville with no content other than quick jabs of agenda-driven distraction. Over and over again, as Bernays prescribed.
This "journalism", this writing, will be remembered for what it is. Social more, no less. Authentic news and commentary that now resides here on the internet only, will be recorded as was Mozart, and it's followers will long outlive the missives of spinning whores that haunt the current media outlets.

I only hope to be a Salieri in this mix. One that writes merely in concert with the first chairs of this endeavour to take back the written word from our jewish masters and in so doing, help to defeat them.

for Maria...

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


"Troops get ready for border visit". " Is your anger like Mel Gibson's?" "Roman Polanski 'happy to be free'".

Just how much can you color headlines. Pick any day and observe your MSM's bits and pieces of news that they can't control, for a hint. Editing, spinning, coloring. It is an amazing talent, I guess. I would call it lying if a 10-year-old did it.

Journalism has the ability to sway it's audience by the way it presents a story. I guess I should say "temptation", not ability. True journalism is divided into two categories. Reporting the news. And presenting it's opinion of the news. One is fact and one is not. Each should be labeled, so we the readers do not take one for the other. The fact that they are not, generally speaking labeled as such anymore, is where that profession begins to resemble the one practiced by some females of our species, in dark ally-ways.

A friend recently asked me where I get all the ideas for my articles. I told him that they are provided to me free-of-charge from the MSM. These articles scream to be written every day. They practically write themselves if you observe the MSM's stories from a certain viewpoint. That viewpoint, of course is that everything you read or hear or watch from them are either or both of the following: Blatant lies...or coloring of events which they would rather you not really know about but they will twist the "facts" or shade their articles so that it aligns with their(jewish)point of view.

Let's look at CNN's fair for the day. From the headlines that I presented in my opening paragraph, let's examine and classify them according to the rules of journalism.

"Troops get ready to visit border". Ok, now to me, without actually reading the piece(which they hope you won't...that filters out a good third of overly-inquisitive readers) that sounds like an innocuous little story about a weekend sojourn of some army guys to some border for exercises or training. They are "getting ready", like your wife is "getting ready" to go to the grocery. Then they are going to, when they are all ready..."visit" this border, like you visit your brother-in-law's house for a Sunday barbecue. Harmless little story. Nothing note-worthy about it, right? Pass over it and go to that story about Lindsay Lohan being busted for pot at some evil border.

This is the way the alternative news on the net is presenting the story: "US deploys troops on Mexican Border".

Which do you want to read, and which sounds more factual and less slanted?

Next we have: "Is your anger like Mel Gibson's". Ok, now this is an attempt to draw you into a story by asking several questions and making one HELL of a lot of assumptions. First, it assumes that Mel Gibson has an "anger problem" for which he should be publicly shamed. The headline doesn't say that... it cleverly allows you to assume that. Then it separates Mel from you by implying that you don't have such a problem...and you can prove it, if you read this article and take this simple "anger test" developed by top (jewish) psychiatrists. So now you are all tenderized and willing to believe that you are normal - since you passed their little test-and poor Mel suffers from a serious problem that will one day land him in jail or at the wrong end of a policeman's defenses. Mel has had some problems with the jewish press due to a movie he made that the owners of the MSM didn't care for.

So next we are treated to "Roman Polanski "happy to be free". Well, who wouldn't be...right? You immediately feel joy for this Polanski guy, whoever he is, because he is finally FREE! It will not matter to you what he is free you peruse the story and find that he is that wonderful director that made "Rosemary's Baby", and he also suffered that horrible loss of his girlfriend to the evil Manson family murders. The article will not go into any detail about the child-rape of which he was convicted and then fled the country telling our courts to stick it up their ass. No, we just know that he is finally FREE and HAPPY to be so.

So, to sum up: Jewish director good. Mel Gibson bad. Don't worry about impending police-state.

All this opining, and I didn't even get to the editorial page.

Monday, July 19, 2010

What Life Can Be Like...

No "Intellectual property". No "Copyright infringement". No Charge. Just human joy.

Saturday, July 17, 2010


At one company that I worked at as a Q.A. inspector, there were cut-backs and of course my department was one of the first to suffer lay-offs. Although I still had a job, I was approached with the offer of transferring to sales. I refused the offer stating that I wouldn't be any good at selling something that I wouldn't buy myself. But there are those that can. That is the nature of sales, I guess. The 'is-ness" of business. Sell, sell...sell. There are people out there that could sell gold bricks...and do. I have met many. The good ones...the ones that are top sales reps in their field, the "salesmen of the month" types have always fascinated me. They are cut from a different cloth. They have a portable conscience. They have no problem lying, cheating or fudging records to keep the sales coming in. And if you are selling a product that is relatively what you say it is, I guess there is little harm in it. If a car salesman tells you that you get the window tinting on your new vehicle included in the price, only to find out later that it isn't and you don't...and he doesn't seem to remember saying that or even who the hell you are...well, buyer beware, I guess. You know he is a liar. You knew it when you made the deal, if you were to analyze it. But you signed on the dotted line. You are out a couple hundred bucks. It isn't going to break you. No one is injured or killed. Pay the money and cut your losses.
But what about the salesman? How can he do that day after day, year after year, accept award after award?

He likes it.

You cannot excel at anything that you don't enjoy, at least on some level. So these two-dimensional people that don't care if you get what you paid for, enjoy that feeling of having taken you for the fool that you are. Somewhere in their heads they see their misdealings as some sort of game. A game that if they win, they get money. I wish I could work at something that enjoyable and lucrative. If only. If only I could put away my conscience and tell teenagers about the wondrous career that awaits them in a "man's " army, for instance. That must be a tough sell. Hard to close. Death, dismemberment...insanity. It must be difficult to get that signature on the paper. You gotta do a lot of bald-faced lying. You have to voice-match, "buddy-buddy" and "let-me-go-ask-my-manager" till you're blue in the face. And it must be getting tougher. I almost feel sorry for those types of salesmen. Almost.

I mean, how do you sell something like that? Haven't most people been alive on this planet long enough to know what war is really all about? Surely they have seen the ravages of is everywhere. Where is the disconnect when a young man or woman signs those papers? Do they, like Scarlett O'Hara say to themselves: "oh, I can't think about that today, I'll think about that tomorrow"? Can people do that? Can people who know that they are about to join a group of killers and kill with them, ever sleep well again? Clearly they can. And have been doing so since time immemorial. And they are always nothing more than children when they join. Ah, there's the rub.
During the Viet Nam war, we "children" would stand outside recruiting offices offering those thinking of joining the armed forces, copies of "Johnny Got His Gun", or a pamphlet containing the poems of Wilfred Owen.
Anthem For Doomed Youth by Wilfred Owen
What passing-bells for these who die as cattle?
Only the monstrous anger of the guns.
Only the stuttering rifles' rapid rattle
Can patter out their hasty orisons.
No mockeries for them; no prayers nor bells,
Nor any voice of mourning save the choirs, --
The shrill, de
mented choirs of wailing shells;
And bugles calling for them from sad shires.

What candles may be held to speed them all?
Not in the hands of boys, but in their eyes
Shall shine the holy glimmers of goodbyes.
The pallor of girls' brows shall be their pall;
Their flowers the tenderness of patient minds,
And each slow dusk a drawing-down of blinds.

These offerings were fly-bys to most of those lining up to die in the humid jungles of a foreign land. They were for the most part, incapable of understanding not only what they were doing to their own lives, but the lives of those that they were invading. Cannon fodder. They are always there.

Along with many others throughout history, Mel Gibson(damn, and I said I wasn't going to mention him again) is reported to have said that jews have started all the wars in history. Well, that might be overstated, but in my opinion...not far off the mark. We all see the hand of the Rothschild in most conflicts throughout the world and have for at least 500 years, in one way or another.

I actually went to a movie not long ago, in a theatre. Go figure. During all the previews, came a commercial for war and death. All dressed up and looking intelligent and purposeful and dedicated, these actors and actresses were selling their death, dismemberment and dementia. Not a word of protest from the audience, as if they somehow agreed with it's purpose and ...ok...let's get on with the movie. It is still part of this world. The filthy wandering jew still peddles it from his rag-bin with his pornography and usury and hatred... ...and we are still buying. I dunno...when you get older, you just kind of assume that all you have learned over the years...the world has learned. Not so. We continue to sign our children away and thank god that we live in a country where we are free to do so. In the small Midwestern town that I reside in now, they are burying their dead as they come home from another foreign land. They are heroes. They are not the bodies of children that were taken for fools by some salesmen. You will never end war as long as you glorify it. Perhaps this all
sounds naive and simplistic and hackneyed...but still... It makes you weep.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hucking Filarious!


No, this isn't going to be about one of my favorite bands from the sixties.

It will be an attempt to add my voice to the sentiments expressed in the article below, in which Gilad has pointed out what I have been saying for years.

And that is that PROJECTION is our age-old problem in the world and causes what you see today.

Ok. So I am going to a local drive-thru on a main thoroughfare in town and though I encounter a little stop and start traffic till I get is a congested area and I expect that. I go get my precious, coffee...whatever. Pay the girl at the little window and I am on my way home. I pull around to the entrance back onto the busy street and looking left, there is a line of cars slowed as far as I can see. A solid cue of metal, bumper to bumper blocking my turn back into traffic. This, I know has happened to you.

So you sit there, nibbling your food out of the top of the bag, or sipping your drink....and wait.

If you were to actually wait for all the cars to move on down the road and give you a clear path to pull out, you would probably be there till this time tomorrow. No, what you are waiting on is some kind soul, to stop short of your entrance and wave you into the line of cars through the hole he or she has left you. They are ALWAYS there...somewhere. That is important. You don't ask this person, by gesture or words to let you in. They probably wouldn't be able to hear you even if you yelled such a request. You normally don't even make eye-contact with any of the people in their cars crawling slowly in front of you. But you are keenly aware of the pace, and can through your peripheral vision, immediately recognize someone's offer to stop and let you in.

You will always take the offer, and are obliged to throw up a hand in thanks to the kind person that has allowed you entrance.

This whole scenario is familiar to us all and speaks volumes about the human condition, as does the opposite, "road rage".

I am not going to go on about traffic and how certain people respond to it. What I am going to try to expose is that most all people(save the lunatics)are subject to the same reactions to various situations. We have many common feelings that direct our societal behaviour. And unless manipulated dishonestly, they are in harmony with peaceful coexistence.

When we hate others, we do indeed project upon the object of that hatred, the behaviour that we recognize in ourselves. And that can easily get out of hand. It is a hard unreasoning hatred that although appears to be steadfast and unbreakable, can be defused as simply as when the teacher makes the two fighting boys on the playground "shake hands and be friends again". Really. It is just that simple. We know this. Somewhere in our hearts. We also know that blind rage and all that it brings is a contagious, unreasoning and destructive monster, that can consume any one of us.

The reason that zionism and it's "war on terror" cannot be defended logically, is because it is founded in this unreasoning hatred. It refuses to recognize the hatred in itself. It teaches it's children the same unreasoning hate. Then it becomes, to these children a valid fear that requires, in their minds....defense...and then the inevitable "preemptive offense". Zionism has tried without success to found an entire nation upon this transparently shallow lack of reason and is consequently doomed to failure. As Gilad has pointed out, the more hatred that jews project on their imagined enemies, the more they will find.

As far as Gilad's quest to study and revise the ACTUAL events of ain't gonna happen. The holohoax is a myth that will remain our collective memory, if the zionist ashkanazim have anything to say about it...and they do.

Now. Add to this illogical scene, a mumbo-jumbo religious tenet that preaches that jews are somehow "better" than the rest of humanity, and you have one paranoid, hateful and vile creature. All of this jewish crap is "learned behaviour" that can and is spreading like wildfire...even to those that if they would try to reason it out, don't hold any of this philosophy to be true in the least.

But somewhere in the brains of zionist jews and their converts to this hatred, they believe that if THEY can feel all this hatred, then so must their imagined enemies. They don't see this ridiculous thought pattern spiraling into fantasy. They believe it. Just as those that have found themselves believing that the person in traffic that just cut them off without looking, has evil intentions that need to be addressed with violence. If you fall prey to those emotions, then look to yourself for an explanation, not the person that absentmindedly cut you off.
Hatred begets hatred. But just as in traffic, somewhere down the road, YOU become the person that lets someone else in, after you are treated with respect. Kindness too can be just as catching if not more so.
Jews say much about how much more innately intelligent they are than the rest of the world. And yet they appear unable to grasp these simple concepts. If you act like an asshole, you will be treated like an asshole. Perhaps it's the profit motive that dissuades them from even entertaining such simple and peaceful evaluations. I dunno.

Sometimes people amaze me.

From Gilad Atzmon...

This is IMPORTANT. Read this article...

Give History a Chance by Gilad Atzmon

A talk given at the "Debunking the War on Terror" Symposium on July 14th
The War on Terror Within
1 The more pain we inflict on others the more we become familiar with evil, aggression and brutality.
1.1 The more cruel we are towards others, the more devastated we are by the possibility that the subjects of our brutality may also be as nasty as we happen to be.
1.2 According to Freud this is what projection is all about.
1.2.1 Otto Weininger refines it, ‘we hate in others, that which we don’t like in ourselves’ he says.
1.3 As it happens, the dynamic of projection is amplified once the subject of our terror is hopeless and defenseless.
1.3.1 The reason is obvious. The more hopeless the subject of our terror is, the more we are inclined to face our relentless viciousness first hand.
2 Israeli treatment of the Palestinians is a devastating example of the above. The more hopeless and defenseless the Palestinians are, the more vicious the Israeli becomes.
2.1 And yet, the more vicious the Israeli is, the more he or she is horrified by ‘terror’.
3 In reality, the Israelis are actually horrified by their own cruelty which they project onto others.
4 The recent cold-blooded murder of 11 peace activists in the high seas by Israeli Navy commandos was nothing but a shocking exposure of that lethal dynamic. The more ethically transparent, innocent and harmless the humanitarian mission to Gaza is, the more lethal the Israeli becomes.

The English Speaking Empire
5. In fact, Israel is just a micro-cosmos of this kind of brutal vicious circle.
6. The so-called ‘War Against Terror’ is in fact a war against the terror within.
6.1 We attack, rob and plunder innocent people and innocent nations. Yet, the more pain we inflict on them the more terrorised we become by our own endless brutality.

Jesus Christ Super Star
7. Jesus taught us how to dismantle our vindictive projection. ‘Turn the other cheek’, he preached, in opposition to the infamous Old Testament’s ‘eye for an eye’.
7.1 Turning the other cheek, is commonly realised as a means to counter an aggressor. However, it maybe the only possible measure to dismantle the ‘terror within’, that same aggression that brews inside us as we become vindictive.
7.1.1 By turning the other cheek we may manage to defuse the violence within us. We replace it with acceptance, we disarm ourselves. We give peace a chance.

From Promised Land to Promised Planet
8. Zionism presented itself initially as a Jewish nationalist patriotic movement aimed at becoming both a homecoming and a dwelling.
8.1 Zionism vowed initially to collect Jews from around the world and to bring them to Palestine. It was inspired by the idea of a national home in a ‘promised land.’
8.2 This is definitely not the case anymore. Zionism took a different route. It actually expects the Diaspora Jews to mount pressure on Western governments and media. Wolfowitz was very productive in shaping America’s interests and desires, as was David Aaronovitch in championing ‘moral interventionist’ wars in The Times, David Miliband fulfilled his duty fighting to amend British Universal Jurisdiction within the British cabinet to allow Israeli war criminals to visit this Kingdom. Alan Dershowitz managed to transform the American academic world into a Yeshiva. Haim Saban, the Israeli American tycoon, bankrolls the Democratic party when he isn’t buying American media outlets or funding a new think tank.
8.3 The Israelis realised a long time ago that it is far cheaper to buy the entire Western political system than buy a single tank.
8.4 Zionism has become a global movement with global interests.
8.4.1 It drifted from the discourse of ‘promised land’ into the politics of ‘promised planet’
8.5 Consequently, British and American soldiers are dying in growing numbers fighting Zionist wars.
8.6 More concerning is the fact that British and American people have been made complicit in a genocide driven by Zionists.
8.7 However, the most troubling issue here is the fact that Brits and Americans are driven by an Old Testament vindictive ideology, namely an ‘eye for an eye’. One would have expected that considering the Christian foundation of Britain and the USA these countries would be inspired by compassionate Christian ideas such as ‘love your neighbour’ and ‘turn the other cheek.’
The Open Society and Its Enemies
9 Historians will have to find out at what point in time British and American political power and media gave up on compassion and peace.
9.1 Yet, in order to do so, historians must be free to think and to say what they think.
9.1.1 We must, therefore, restore the respected notion of history and the notion of historical research. We have to make sure that every chapter in our past is academically accessible. We also must reinstate freedom of thought, speech and expression. These crucial and elementary human rights have been jeopardised in the name of political correctness and legislation.
9.2 History is founded on the belief that a deeper understanding of the past may help us to shape our future.
9.3 Such an idea is transparent enough to support the realisation that history can lead to peace and reconciliation. We can simply try to amend the horror of the past by adopting a peaceful thinking.
9.3.1 To turn the other cheek is to some extent a product of proper historical realisation. It suggests that violence leads to more violence, yet, endurance and self control bring peace about.
10 Devastatingly enough, Britain and America implement the opposite lesson. Rather than aim towards peace and reconciliation, we are actually committing more and more crimes in the name of the past. Like the Israelis who kill in the name of the Shoa, we kill in the name of ‘democracy’, ‘moral interventionism’ and even ‘coca-cola’. As if this is not enough, when we run out of reasons, like the Israelis we kill in the name of Jewish suffering.
11 It doesn’t take a genius to gather that the proponent of these precepts in our midsts are devoted Zionists. It doesn’t take a genius to gather that Wolfowitz’s Doctrine lead to the war in Iraq. It is literally transparent that the ‘moral interventionism’ that is advocated by David Miliband, Aaronovitch and Nick Cohen is a pretext for violence. It is not exactly a secret that when Britain was taken into illegal Iraq war, Lord Levy, a Zionist by admission, was Labour's No 1 fund raiser.
Give History a Chance
12 Our vision and re-vision of the past can shape our future, and yet, our vision of the future can also shape our past.
12.1 I will try to enlighten this complicated idea through a simple yet devastating hypothetical and imaginary lethal war scenario:
We, for instance, can envisage a horrific situation created by an imaginary hypothetical Israeli nuclear attack on Iran in which millions of innocent people die every day. I guess that amongst the few survivors of such a horrific reality, some may be so bold to insist that ‘the history of Jewish suffering might make sense after all.’
Again the above scenario is a product of the imagination, it by no means justifies Jewish suffering, and yet, such a vision of a ‘possible’ horrific development should ideally stop Zionist enthusiasts from advocating a war against Iran or anyone else. However, the above fictional scenario should help us to grasp how a vision of the future can also amend or transform our comprehension of the past.
12.2 At the moment our history books are sealed and cemented. We cannot engage in a real study of our most relevant past and we are therefore denied the right to consider its meaning.
12.3 Consequently, we have failed to encompass the real ethical meaning of world war II and the holocaust in particular. Similarly, we are silenced when it comes to the events that led towards the 2nd Iraq War. We are supposed to wait for the current Iraq Inquiry with the almost absurd hope that rabid Zionist Martin Gilbert will be kind enough to show us the truth.
13. With history being squashed it is hardly surprising that the same people who flattened Hamburg, Pforzheim, Dresden, Hiroshima and Nagasaki continued to do the same in Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq.
14. Similarly, the same lobbies that pushed Britain and America to a deadly confrontation with the Mulsim world are now pushing us to flatten Iran.
15. To save the world and to bring peace about, we must learn our past and we must be free to so. Revisionism is the means towards a better future.

Give History a Chance.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Just As You Knew it Would Happen...

Well, Roman is free. Yay! And what a surprise, right? Who would have thought that common decency would finally prevail in this decades-old persecution of the cinematic genius, Roman Polanski. Apparently, the Swiss have finally come to their senses and ended, once-and-for-all, the persecution of this brilliant man. Uh-huh.

It appears that in this gossipy mess that has drug on for what seems to be eons,all sides of the Roman Polanski/rape issue have been covered...over and over again. And all of Hollyweird and the jewish press have taken their sides on the topic(most on Polanski's side).

However, since he skedaddled, then paid his victim off and she has refused to be a party to his further prosecution, the item has been decided in the pages of the tabloids and not a court of law.

To me the case against the polish/jewish/director is very simple. He drugged, raped, sodomized and forced fellatio on a child. A serious crime in any society. When found guilty of these charges and awaiting sentencing and on bail, he illegally left the country and has been gone ever since.
There is no debate about the fact of the crime. There is no debate about his skipping bail and running. He is and was found guilty as charged.

He is a CRIMINAL folks. That is everyone's definition. There is no debate. Somehow, however, it is debated.

Some say that since the case is so old, and that he has had to live outside the US of Israel for so many years that he has been punished enough. Some say that is was a minor offense, and that there was no real victim. Some say that because of all the wonderful films(if you have never seen "Chinatown", his capstone film... do so...that will reveal this miscreant's mindset to you) that this man has directed, before and after the incident, that his contributions to society should outweigh any punishment that should be meted out for his crime. Some say that he suffered so much because of the Manson murders, that we should just leave this now, old man alone with his suffering.
ah...there's the right one...I think

oops...wrong jewish criminal
I say...bullshit. I also say that all the hoopla surrounding his case is nothing more or less than a publicity stunt to sell his image and his cheesy movies. His middle finger sticking up the ass of our judicial system is so typically jewish in nature as to make anyone with even the most rudimentary intelligence want to gag.

This is how far they, the ruling Khazars have come in our western society. If you think for one moment that any Gentile could pull off what he has accomplished, think again.

What boggles the mind though, is that when arrested, Mr. Polanski was reported to have stated to police(and I am paraphrasing here...the actual quote seems to have vanished), that everyone wants to fuck little the police want to...the judges that will try me want to...and the prosecutor that had me arrested. We all do, but when I actually do it, I am a criminal. you think that with that kind of attitude toward children, that he had ever done it before? Do you think that after being caught red-handed and discovering that with enough jewish money and connections that he could get away with child rape, that he would do it again? How many times do you think he performed this kind of thing on other children and wasn't caught...before and since? And what kind of highly popular message does this send? And this is all OK?

You goes a little deeper than tabloid headlines and how Woody Allen feels about it.

Good luck, Roman

Excellent Interview With Gilad Atzmon

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Just For Fun...

Holiday Snaps...

No. This is not going to be "what I did on my summer vacation". Well, sort of.
I have tried to give my couple weeks in the UK time to sink in before writing something about it. I wanted to express something profound about the experience. Something you can sink your teeth into and then perhaps come away with some deeper understanding of the human condition. I am not that good of a writer. Not that it's that big of a deal to spend a fortnight in England and Scotland, but it always impresses me to no end to see how much all people are indeed alike, no matter what their routines upon this Terra firma.

I can only share a few images from that blur that is the "Americans abroad" experience.

Of course we did a lot of the touristy things, but those are never the events that you bring home with you. It's the human interaction with a culture that is not yours, that sticks in your brain, I have found.

That conversation with a cab driver, or the joke you shared at a pub, or just the people watching are for me, the essence of the memories that are on a shared human plane and they reveal a common bond that we all forget in our day to day fussing.
As I think about those that I met while in Britain, I am reminded that a great deal of good friends that I have made here through this site are Brits. Duh. We that blog here in the states let that slip our mind, I think. Well maybe we all do. I think that is a good thing...getting past nationalities. It can become a bit confusing generally a good thing. When I am writing something here, I always forget that this is a global audience, to which I am driveling. That can be seen from two different perspectives. It can be perceived as typically Amerikan...thinking the whole world will see things my way JUST because I'm a hot-shot yank. Or that unconsciously, I addresses my readers as humans, irrespective of boarders. I am guilty on both charges.

If I brought anything home to brick-and-vinyl land, it is this: We are all just people trying to live our lives. Good people with few bad intentions trying to get along in a world run by a few with nothing OTHER than bad intentions.

Something else slapped me hard in the face while I was there. And that was that the British have, or will soon have two sets of bonds to break if we all are going to get this world to a place where it should be.

On one of our outings in London gawking with the rest of the tourists, we even accidentally saw the queen. Or should that be Queen? We were wandering around in front of Buck palace with a thin crowd when she was driven out of one of the side gates right by us. I was standing only a few feet from where her car was being driven past as she gave us one of her little "Queeny Waves". My first instinct was to slap the hood(bonnet) of her Rolls and scream in my best Brooklyn accent "Hey, we're fuckin tryin to walk here!". But I didn't. I think the swarm of police on motorcycles around her vehicle might have taken a dim view. Ugly American. But I digress.

The whole idea of "class" is on the surface, entertaining and "quaint" to an Amerikan visitor to the UK. I'm sure it isn't quite as charming to those that live under such a cultural edict. It is bondage from which few ever even dream of escape. We here don't have that. We have jews. Well, in all fairness, so does the entire world, and the bank of Rothschild is even centered in England. But their culture, or lack thereof is centered here. This is their "promised land' . They know it...we know it. It is our "bondage", and WE live with it. Between the U.S. and israhell...there isn't a dime's worth of difference. One is larger than the other.

Many here say that Britain is about 30 years behind us, and always have been. I agree. They should be glad of that fact. I only saw a few blatantly obvious jewish influences while I was there. The biggest being Tesco(pronounced "Jack Cohen"). Typical jewish/amerikan marketing, with a British accent. If you English wonder what America is like, imagine super-shitty TV and a super-tesco (even though ours is called Wal-Mart)on EVERY street corner. That's how far beyond you that we are.

Of course, you will catch up with us...I'm sorry to say. Your television(footballer's wives?)is almost there now. It's a shame really. You already have social bonds to deal with and your jewish bonds are just beginning to be strapped on.