Sunday, May 29, 2011


I will be gone for a few days...stay tuned for more madness. And in the words of Douglas Adams:" We apologize for any inconvenience".

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

In Good Faith And "Guillotine!"...

When it comes to awareness...there are the haves...and the have-nots.
I imagine that most of you reading this fall into the former category. But for a minute, let's consider the latter. Those that accept the lies being spewed to them through their media, and repeated by those in their camp as fact...or at least as negligible. Those that accept the preposterous stories about terrorism and the like "on good faith". Well this is a defensible position at this tenuous moment in history. But it won't be. Faith. I hate that word. It conjures me...the celluloid image to which we have all been subjected, of the down-trodden through history...that through faith...have endured and emerged victorious. That is a film image. A literary device. Not reality. Faith does nothing but defer responsibility and postpone, when it comes down to it. On the street, I can have all the faith of closed doors in my little pea-brain that I can muster...and it isn't going to buy me an inch. What it will buy me is that really close haircut.

These are genuinely strange and turbulent times. If you can't see that, your "in good faith" is blinding you. If you can't see that israhell has the leaders of this sorry world on leashes like so many yelping aren't among those that "have" awareness. If you won't open your eyes to this...well, that will be no defense.

I am reminded of viewing one of the original film versions of A Tale Of Two Cities when I was a kid. Before I had a chance to actually read Dicken's dramatization of the French revolution, this film was my take on it. Of course since then I have learned that it...along with most of history...didn't happen the way the winners wrote it. But even today the image of a post-revolutionary kangaroo court sticks in my brain. If we are going to borrow anything from film and literature that reflects real events and how they actually happen...this is such an image. The cases of those accused of being part-and-parcel to the monarchy and its treatment of the French underclass, were settled quickly; "Guillotine!"
The rest of the cases were tried with just a bit less prejudice. Those that played simply supporting roles in their master's pre-revolt oppression were allowed to attempt a defense...if it was "I accepted my orders in good faith"..."Guillotine!"
And such will be the case when, what some are terming the "apocalypse", arrives. I guarantee it. You have my word. "Trust me". I like that word "apocalypse" and its meaning of "the unveiling". Many things are going to be unveiled, and I for one, do not intend to stand naked in front of anyone. I think, would I to survive until that judgement of the people...I would prefer to be on the bench than in the dock.
When the Gentile news anchors and columnists start pleading "in good faith"..."Guillotine!" When the Gentile Wall Street accountants plead "I was just doing my job..."Guillotine!" It will mimic the kangaroo court of Nuremberg. Only the descendents of the prosecution side of that time, will be reluctantly slipping their heads under the blade this time around. This conflict will be one that the jewish won't be financing or instigating from both sides. All of their interference in the affairs of sovereignty has gotten out of their control.
As a matter of could say that in this pre-apocalyptic world, you are damned if you do...and damned if you don't. Sort of. As in the French revolt, there will be a lot of innocent blood spilled.
This body of executioners will be "of the people" , as I mentioned at the top...the haves. Those that understand that "faith" has nothing to do with reality. It is not a defense. It's not even a good reason to buy food nowadays...good faith can and does buy you salmonella, or worse. From Monsanto to the kosher cans of beans on your grocer's shelf...decent food, like dependable information is no longer a given.

I fully comprehend that some basic assumptions about all the information floating around sometimes must be taken at face value. But the amount of those things is being the tribe.
When you have one foot on the dock...and one foot on the boat, and you are at that instant in time where you can switch your balance either way...quickly glance at the moorings of the dock. You will see them being rent from the shore. Your best bet at this point is to lunge toward the craft departing. Now.
Or sometime in the very near future, all of your "in good faith" pleas to that vengeful court will illicit but one response; "Guillotine!"

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Some feel that the disease has spread too far. Some feel the parasite that sucks our very life cannot be stopped, nor can its damage be undone. I understand that. It seems that way now. To those of us that name the beast , it can be like living a nightmare. Nowhere can we turn without seeing its influence. And almost nowhere can we see this influence not being purchased by those unaware of the nature of this beast. I name the beast. Judaism.

This may sound melodramatic, even insane to some. Paranoid delusions. Persecution complex. Insanity. And I search for accompanying symptoms in myself. An abnormal lifestyle...unusual appetites. Anything other than what is considered normal behaviour.
I don't see anything. Nor do the people around me. Other than my rather narrowed focus on the judaic...I'm a pretty normal person. This mental ailment which some have diagnosed here on my site, must not have reached the everyday functions of my brain. I go to work. I socialize. I have fine children, a house, a vehicle...all of which I take great care in maintaining. No criminal record. I have never even received a parking ticket. A cop once asked me if I was an ax-murderer...I replied that I had never murdered an ax in my life. He was joking of was I. He gave me a warning about my headlight being out. I appreciated that. I wasn't aware of it at the time. Point being, I apparently don't act insane in any facet of my one. I hate judaism. I see it as the ultimate bully of the world. That makes me...well, the minds of many...but not mentally ill. Well, that's a good thing. Otherwise you would be reading the "diary of a madman", and nothing said here could, or should be taken seriously. I would hate that. So maybe this mental illness that I have...could be more accurately described as a heightened awareness...or just common sense. I leave that for you to decide.
I also have a confession of sorts. For reasons of security...and because I am paranoid, I guess...Timster is not my real name. Nor is it Tim. Nor is my identity reflected in the gmail account that I use here on my profile, accurate. Timster is a nom-de-plume. I may be a man. I may be a woman. I may be black. I may be Asian, Arab or Amerikan Indian. But not only will few, if any ever know my true isn't very important. I'm not superman. It's no big deal who I am. I am guilty of misdirecting a bit when it comes to my true personage and background, because as I have stated here many times, I trust no one. I have learned over the years that trust(at least to me) is a fools paradise. For what is returned...too much is lost. But that's just me. This may be the root to my "paranoia" showing. Who knows. So if my tales at times seem allegorical...just assume they are and you will be close to the mark.

Anyway...that having been said...It is my beliefs are what matters here. Not my identity or my background. I state unequivocally that I am not jewish...but you don't even have to believe that. What is necessary to believe is the message. Not the massage. I won't as other sites do...bait you with 'maybes'. Maybes to protect an undisclosed agenda. Maybes to sway you to any pov that I don't state here plainly. I am a simple person...just trying to get the word out, as I see it.
Over at the Equal Party Blog, an article was just posted that I think you should all read. It has to do with trust given out here. It is a check-list...a litmus test that is a great rule-of -thumb for those just awakening to the machinations of the ashkanazi.
It also warns against those sites out here that besides ranting and raving, have no alternate solutions to the problems they raise...and waste the time of the reader. I concur with this.
We that constantly scream about the jew world order, should have something in mind to put in its place when(and not if) it is replaced. My suggestions, as I have stated are varied, but include the Venus Project, Anarchy, and/or technology used for practical purposes.
I am not, nor are their many that I have read, brainy enough to have a fool-proof plan for the continuance of our species in our proposed post-jewish-parasite world. That would be a monumental task.
However, I stress the point that such plans will come so much more easily once our efforts are not diverted by dealing with the disease that is judaism. When we are not trying to wrest our very destiny as humans from their clutches...then things will become clear IMHO. The path we must travel will reveal itself after we have rid ourselves of the scourge of these leeches. Beyond this, I have no alternate plan. I think the task ahead of us is large and time-consuming enough to keep us more than busy at the moment. The human condition without judaism in the equation, is not quicksand. It won't fill in with like material once this scourge is removed. Without this exhausting, life-defeating force in the world...things will be much simpler. Those Gentiles that have learned from the jew to profit from the suffering of others, will stand naked without the protection of this faux religion and its support network.
Much has been said out here about trust. Whom to trust in the alternative blogosphere. I don't think that should be as big an issue as it has become. Words or the lack thereof will always tell. No one can force me to accept something about which I disagree, simply because of the glitz or popularity of a website. And neither should such things affect you. Trust begins at home. Trust what you believe in and unless it is challenged to your will remain on the right path. Stay paranoid, yes. But this arena that we have chosen to battle the powers that be, is not social networking as Mark Zuckerburg would define it. This is not facebook gossip...this is a battlefield and trust doesn't play a part. Sites and their authors are what they none of them, even mine...take what ammunition you can, and move forward.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Here We Go Again...

One more time,kids.  Democracy is 3 wolves and a lamb deciding what to have for lunch.  Why don't normal people get that?  This is not just a "cute-ism".  It is fact.  I am like sooooo tired of reading and hearing purported anti-government, anti-war, anti-jewish people going on and on about how we need to get back to "democracy".  I gotta be missing something here.

Ok...let's go through this step by step.  The U.S. was founded on the principles of a Constitutional Republic...yes?  That is...the rule of law.  Written law.  Law which no man, party, PAC, foreign government, or corporation can change. when you have these laws...this Constitution, set in stone and unalterable, you follow it.  You don't debate it, interpret it or pay money to a body of whores to change it without the will of the people it governs. Yes?  

Administration of these laws should be no more than a minor government function. A computer function.  A dummy could do it...if the laws are well written.  And aside from the somewhat archaic language form...I think the Amerikan Constitution is a fair one.  I mean it is comprehensive...not obfuscated by legalese and it's user-friendly.  If we were still a Republic and an administrator of  these written-down laws...say a cop...stops you while you are driving to work, and wants to search your car for something tell him that unless you were disobeying a law for which he intends to arrest and charge you... go fuck himself...and drive off.  Legally.  But of course he wouldn't stop you in the first place.  If this country was still ruled by law.  He would be busy administering that law to those that have broken it.  Not shaking you down for undisclosed infractions.  But in reality...that's what happens constantly.  Daily.  This is what democracy brings you.  I would much rather live under the rule of a monarch than a corrupt(and there is no other flavor)democracy.

Don't fasten your seat belt?  Ticket.  Shake-down.  Shake-down for the insurance companies....essentially.  They pushed this law through.  Whether it is a good law or not, isn't relevant.  What is relevant is that a group of corporations got this law on the books for THEIR benefit.  Not yours.  Their actuaries benefit through a lower number of injury claims...therefore they make more profit. This is not a law that was made by people that "care" about you. And this is just a negligible example of a minor "law". This is how democracy works, folks.  The ones with the power subjugate the ones without it.  Us.  Same old story of any type of government ruled by a few.
On one level this could be legitimately called organized crime...and it is.  But it also can be termed democracy...because it is.  And yet those that are the most negatively effected by this shell-game are the ones screaming for more of it.  It baffles me.  Fuck democrazy.

Well, the reason they are screaming for one more lash of the democracy whip, is that they are told that it is a form of government FOR the people.  And it is. The PEOPLE at the top.  The top of corporations and government. Mostly jews.  They have slid us into this mire of corruption.  Taken away our Republic.  Until sixty years or so ago...the word democracy was not linked with our way of life in the States.  As well it shouldn't be.  That time in our history coincidentally coincides with a great deal of other negative things that began happening here...and indeed in many Western countries.
But if you think it is a daunting challenge to awaken people to the threat of judaism...try telling them that democracy is NOT what they want.
Anyone can fix an election.  Elections of these administrators of law that I speak of, are not elections in any sense of the word.  You know this.  However...even if they were honestly administered, they would still be contrary to the notion of a Constitutional Republic.  Because this democratic system gives those "elected" power OVER the rule of written law. People in government seats should have no more significance than which janitor you choose to clean City Hall.  These offices should be filled with truly public SERVANTS...not rulers.  The rule of law is the ruler.  Why can't people see this?

In a perfect world...this "democracy" as we understand it might work.  All those elected would be noble honest wise men that wish only the best for each and every one of his constituents.  People that are  above malfeasance.  And with all the power inherent in these offices, they would make new laws when needed, and repeal old ones with only the will of the people and their own exacting wisdom as guides.

Yeah, right.  What planet are YOU from...that believe this is in any way possible?  You cannot depend on anyone to lord over your rights.  These rights must be agreed upon in advance...benefit ALL people and be written down. They must be based on individual rights...not the will of a mob.  Not the bloody majority.  A majority that can be swayed by media lies and agenda.  These laws must be carved in stone.  In like...a constitution.  Oh wait...we already got one.  Well...had one.

I understand that new things bring new requirements for legislation. Our founding fathers that wrote the constitution did not foresee, for Apple software application that completely simulates the sexual experience.  By merely plugging this app into your I-life unit and holding it in your hand, you are transported mentally into a wild virtual life-like sexual adventure with the partner(s) of your choice...anytime...anywhere.  Well, when Apple came out with this, they didn't envision that High School kids would be virtually banging their teachers in the classroom while their back was turned.  So....some sort of law is required.  Well, when common sense fails, in some instances a new piece of legislation is needed...perhaps(although it sounds fun to me).  So using technology to solve technology...and electronically tapping into the common sense of all people affected, through their I-life units, the question is asked.  "What kind of law do we need to curb such behaviour with the new Apple I-screw app?"  Almost instantaneously through approximately 400 million transmissions, the proposed law is formulated with an algorithm embedded in the mainframe that is checked and double-checked in an almost infinite amount of milliseconds.  The new law is sent back to the constituents... they approve, or is tweaked and set in stone.  It is fair for all concerned.  No human leader or his agenda is in the loop.  The people truly decided for themselves.  Perhaps the I-screw will be banned entirely.  Perhaps it will be limited.  But the point is Apple's profit margin is not in the algorithm.  This is the only way that a new law can be implemented in a Constitutional Republic.  When all people take a part in their government by mandate.  Like a small village.  But our society isn't structured that way.  THEY understand and exploit that fact.  Our new form of government is now a group of thugs doing anything they want, without input from anyone outside their group.  I think an astute pol/sci major would tell you that democracy is a convenient  stepping stone to it's very close cousin; fascism.  It is the nature of the beast.

Of course the above is an extreme scenario, but when people scream for democracy...I don't think they understand that they are begging to be exploited.  There is no form of government that is more easily corrupted than one that is based on the supposed integrity of one, or a small group of people.  People that can be purchased.  People that can be blackmailed, or threatened. Psychopaths that enjoy lying.  A person is weak.  The written word is strong.

I dunno...maybe, as I have said before...I'm nuts.  If I'm not seeing something in my simplistic view of the universe here...please point it out(politely?).

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Plain Language For Plane People...

One would think that it can't get any plainer. It can't be any simpler. And it is just that...plain and simple. There is a group of we monkeys that are never satisfied with how much control they have over the rest of us monkeys. That's all there is to it.
They have always been around and they teach their young about their glorious dreams of lording over the rest of us. So it continues. And with each successive generation, it gets worse for most of us out here in the trees. Whether you believe that this group of primates grasping at the reigns of power, are of a different species, or whether you hold my notion that it is just an un-monkey-like is happening. There is no monkey-god that is going to save us from ourselves. No rapture, other than what we can construct here in the trees. The rapture of life as we know it can be. Procreation...all that.

A wise man once said: "Two thousand billboards does not an apocalypse make". I think that's how that goes. With all the silliness that the jewish media loves...making fun of Christians(their favorite thing next to demonizing Islam)...people are turning away. Not just from the silliness. They are abandoning the "plane" itself on which we scratchers live. They are throwing up their hands. They are looking to the skies. We have been through this before. The Reformation, the Inquisition, St. Vitus' Dance...all come to mind.
When the Rothschilds of this world make things...I dunno...a little too real. A little too seedy and embarrassing...well, instead of seizing back their world and governing it with a bit more common sense...more and more people are looking to another plane for salvation. To hell with that. You can preach apocalypse all you want. It isn't going to stop some shithead firing a rifle into a schoolroom full of children in Palestine. You can believe that some invisible dude in the sky is going to tell us that "all bets are off" and the bad guys go to hell and the good guys get all the things they always wanted. It ain't gonna happen. Just as six-o-clock will come and go this every time zone that we have manufactured on this spinning your favorite teevee show will be on at seven.
This, I WILL stake my reputation on. What I have left of it.

Even aside from the side-show of predicted judgement days. Apart from the good reverend Hagee preaching love for the very cult that is destroying us my knowledge, nothing good is going to happen unless and until we make it happen.
People can talk about astral planes and deities until their asses bleed...and the cult just loves it. They know better. Have faith in all the karma you can imagine while the world with your children in it, is sacrificed to a much more tangible "deity"...the judaic. Many people nowadays like to quote the anonymous wisdom: "the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world that he doesn't exist". I agree. Not on some ethereal plane. But in our reality as we know it. Let's do a little translation of that quote. "The greatest trick the judaic have ever pulled was convincing the world that they aren't bent on subjugating the Gentile world into slavery for their pleasure". The judaic like to play the role of the Christian devil. It is fitting, since they abhor everything about them. But these are real people...not evil biblical beings. Real ass-wipes killing, cheating and lying to real Gentiles. I am reminded of the scene in Life of Brian, in which Reg, the leader of the PFJ states:" What Jesus fails to appreciate is that it's the meek that are the problem". I will also say amen to that. REAL time truly IS running out.

I fully understand that it is exhausting. Life here on earth at the moment. We, through meekness and kindness for our fellow man...yes, there is a LOT of that left...have allowed a cult of disgusting creepy monkeys to climb on our backs to the top of the tree. And I am aware that it seems insurmountable at times...almost biblical. But it isn't either. Unless our focus is maintained and these "self-appointed head monkeys" are dragged off the upper branches of our family are going to see something that will dwarf any biblical apocalypse imagined by some ancient goofballs that wrote that crap. The REAL deal. Real fire and brimstone.
I don't know about you...but the last image I want to experience in this life is NOT to see the flesh of my loved ones being seared off their bones seconds after a blinding flash of white light. A white light not coming from some damned imaginary heaven...but from a nuclear device being set off by the jew's next false-flag. That just doesn't set well with me. And unless they are stopped now...count on that to happen. As Carlin tried to pound into your heads..."They don't give a FUCK about you!" can 'believe in'.

We live on one plane and one plane only. All else is speculation...some thoughtful, some just downright ridiculous. But as long as you choose to even consider ANY interventionary help from extra-plane deities, in what is OUR have already lost. And not just for yourselves and your miserably short lives...but the precious lives of your children and generations to come.
And, as much as I hate to can put that in your "astral-plane mentality" pipe, and smoke it.

We may not pay Satan reverence, for that would be indiscreet, but we can at least respect his talents.
  • Mark Twain "Concerning the Jews", Harper's Magazine (Sept. 1899)

Friday, May 20, 2011

Maybe I'm Nuts, But...

Just a short one today. A lot of stuff that is time-sensitive has been coursing through my head like so much hydraulic fluid that activates the mini-pumps in my fingers.

Has the world gone flippin insane? Judgement day is tomorrow? Obomba calling for 1967 boarders in Palestine? Semi-trucks full of Mexicans? Some boogie-man was killed in a daring raid by Navy Seals, but you can't see the body? I guess my question is "what won't you believe?"
How far can the MSM push this? This gives yellow journalism a bad name. For the first time I can remember...the tabloids in the grocery stores can't compete with the Jew York Times for headlines. How far can this go?

Maybe it is my age. Maybe I have slipped into a coma. But for the life of me, I cannot even process the silliness of all this. And people just go on with their daily lives as if all this is normal. I remember a time when stories in the press were vetted. Well, somewhat. They were certainly more believable on most levels. Are "they" tenderizing us? We all know that tabloid stories are fictitious. We all understand that this type of journalism is borne of sensationalism. So why are we reading the same thing in our normal papers now. I just don't get it. Do normal people accept these things as truths? Or do they just not really care? Are we being deliberately numbed-down as well as dumbed-down?

When I first read the story of Obomba's speech about ME policy change concerning Palestine...I thought, "Is this guy TRYING to stop a bullet?" "Is he nuts?" Then, understanding that nothing is as it seems, I look for reasons for the unexplainable. Why would a puppet of AIPAC appointed to this office deliberately berate the people that put him there? Well, as we all expect the next false-flag to happen soon...the one that will drag us into yet another front of "The War of Terror"...I'm thinkin. This could be it. I wouldn't be surprised at anything I read in the papers anymore, so likewise I wouldn't be surprised if an assassination(real or faked) is their next move. Another false flag blamed on yet another extremist patsy, for yet another world war. An assassination of good ole "We Are Change". We know they could pull it off. They have done much less in the name of their quest for war.
And everyone will fall for it. Again.
Now, I'm not staking my reputation on this. I don't even have a reputation...well, not that kind. But there is something in the air. I think they put it there. It smells to high heaven...which by the way, Stephen Hawking has dubbed a "fairy tale". I met him. Hawking. Well, I said hello to him. His computer said hello back. Kinda neat.
Anywho. It seems everyone is in the business of presaging. That alone is not a good sign. It means they are guessing with the past as a hint. The recent past could portend just about any scenario now. Alien beings in our drinking water...yes, the bottled kind. Dogs sleeping with name it. The field is open. When I hear someone say "it's anybody's guess" that says to me that there is no real reference point from which one can draw a conclusion. Without reference there is no truth. There are no facts. We are free-falling. And maybe...just maybe that is what they want. The claim that there are extra-terrestrials in our bottled water would seem so outlandish that something a little closer to reality could seem believable. It is all a matter of degree and relativity.

Of course all these ruminations could be fantasy on my part. I really could have gone off the deep end. And the world is just as sane as it used to be. It is my imagination that has gone careening down a hill with no brakes. I could be nuts. But being so...I doubt it.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

It Was Here Just A Minute Ago...

I seem to have misplaced a few things. Again. Well, I have been known to do that on occasion. Coffee cups. Keys. Socks. The usual fare. But these things are more important I think. I can't seem to find the word "rape". it is. Right where I left it.

Rape- a type of sexual assault usually involving sexual intercourse, which is initiated by one or more persons against another person without that person's consent.

Right there in the good old dictionary. But for the life of me, I can't seem to find it in any of the papers. At least not in connection with jews and the liberties they take with Goyim. Now if a Gentile allegedly committed a "sexual assault", I think that would be the first word in every story reporting it. But maybe I'm wrong. Maybe that word, and its harsh implications are old-hat.
I have recently found myself clinging to my righteous indignation. I don't know why. Probably because I see so many out there not using theirs. I have mine at the ready, just in case they say that...I grandparents supplied the zyclon-B that killed 6 gazillion jews in the century past...or something. I think it will come in handier than a defense attorney. I will stand up in court and laugh maniacally while flashing it at the whore on the bench.

I also lost the fourth Amendment to the Constitution. It was just here, I swear. You was the one about illegal search and seizure or something? It was written on a yellow piece of paper. I didn't use it that where has it got to? I would lose my head if it wasn't attached. Some say there is a danger of that if you lose that Amendment thingy. I guess I'll see...cause I can't find it anywhere and I'm beginning to get worried.

Another problem is that...besides losing things all the time...I get embarrassed easily. Embarrassed for my country...the State in which I live...even the town that I call home now. There is so much to feel shame for around here. Lee Hamilton, Mike Pence, Republicans, Democrats, 4th Amendment loss, Eva gawd the list does go on. It bridges on humiliation. I guess we are all in that leaky boat of having to own up to a democracy, and how it doesn't really work.

I have yet to lose my purpose. I misplace it every once in a while, but I always manage to find it at the bottom of a coffee-cup. I lost my virginity, my innocence and my hope many years ago. I guess I will never find them again. Bummer. I kind of miss them in a way. I carry my moral compass around my neck. It's waterproof so I never need take it off. Not even in the shower...although it isn't really indispensable there. I can't say the same for my youth. If anyone finds that...please return it.
I keep my pride and my sanity in a box. These are too bulky and precious to carry around. I guess if the police do break down my door without a warrant....before they put kiddie-porn on my computer hard drive...they will probably take those too.
It's kinda like that. You are born with all these things that you lose over time.
It is a process. Losing things. I lose respect all the time. Like trying to contain so many Mexican jumping beans in your palms. Remember those? Probably not. What were we thinking?
This respect for others...this admiration...slips away revealing, well, just humans. Humans with egos. Humans with agendas.
I never had any faith to lose. That's a good thing, I think. Saves on the grief thing.
I lost my ass in a poker game once. I have lost a lot of money...good riddance I say.
I've lost a lot of dreams. Gone by the wayside. Most of them silly in I wave goodbye to them from here on the ground. Could have been...could have been. But then life wouldn't be what it is without loss. Loss of family. Loss of home. Loss of childhood.
It's what these things get replaced with. That's what matters I think.
You lose your idealism and replace it with a real and solid set of rules that work on the ground.

Principles. Those are things that I will fight to the last to keep. They haven't changed much over the years. Sure, they have a few scratches and dents. But basically they are the same as they were when I got them. They can take it all ...but leave me those. I can bring them with me to jail. They can't be used to spring a saw or a file. I won't be able to hang myself with them...I've tried. Just let me sit there with them in my cell...and I'll be fine. They are just about all I have left. So lest I do that "oh, happy dagger" scene...leave me those.

Now where did I put that ability to communicate effectively. It was here just a minute ago...really.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Where Do I Begin...

No. I am not going to start singing the theme from a bad movie of the 70's.

I met a nice guy recently. He was ripe for the kill. I got him in my clutches and BAM...I had him. No. I'm not talking about homosexuality, or fishing. This was an intelligent gentleman that made the mistake of telling me(after asking about my Palestinian flag) that he had seen all the Zeitgeist films...and they impressed hell out of him. Bingo. Now there is fertile ground. Anyone willing to accept some of the pretty revolutionary re-writing of history that those films espouse, will be willing to try and understand what even these expose's leave out. The jewish factor. As I have explained to others that are shocked yet intrigued by these films...there is something missing. Most of them agree. The only thing holding them back from...hell, I dunno...a "storm the castle" reaction to these vids, is that there are pieces missing that lend an air of "just one man's opinion of moonlight" quality to them. That is to say that, all the dots don't get connected in the director's explanation of why things are the way they are.

But the films do have a charm about them. And they are an adequate springboard to bigger and better things. I felt after viewing them that to attain the following that they have, the director deliberately left out the missing piece. Not wishing to be branded "anti-semitic" and hence the mother of all conspiracy theorists...he left that to his audience to deduce. I think that if I was to make such a film and truly wanted to reach the largest viewership, I might do this very same thing. This is the way I would approach it. Leave out the most central piece of the begin with. The piece that answers all the questions left open. I would follow up with the missing bit of the puzzle later, after I had tenderized and acclimated the mind of my viewer to such dizzying heights, however. I haven't seen such a follow-up from perhaps I am wrong.

But I didn't want to rehash those films and my opinion of them here today. What I did want to address, is the daunting task of encountering an open mind. Without acting like an evangelist, how does one begin addressing the world's problems to someone with the readiness to understand them as you do? Someone with enough inquisitiveness that is required to at least listen to another, in an effort to fill in the blanks, so to speak.
I do sound like one of those people with the tracts and a clip-on tie.
Well this is a mission of sorts. It isn't faith-based however. Perhaps faith-less I am not going to ask anyone to pray with me.

So where do you start to educate? If you are reading this, you probably have found yourself in a similar situation. A sister-in-law that dreams of visiting Auschwitz...a cousin that believes all he sees on the "History Channel". Or someone else that is woefully short of facts and causal relationships of our history and indeed our modern world. Well, I have found...that if your subject has the patience(and I doubt even I would) is best to begin at square one.
The most prodigious task is first to help them un-learn . To show them how simple it is to deconstruct the fabrications that have been taught them over the course of their lives. Only when this is accomplished, can you begin to fill in, with the use of an "Occam's Razor" approach, the holes left after their myths have been discounted. It isn't easy. It is rewarding. And you can, through their awakening, learn a great deal from their questions. Things that perhaps you (in your infinite knowledge) had yet to consider. Points that can only be seen through a fresh examination of the information that you give. This can be both humbling and testing of your views as you explain them.
I have found that it is best not to blurt out the "J" word too soon. Without the proper understanding, even a person willing to listen to and consider your views...will have some very deeply embedded propaganda which you must address first . To them, you run the risk of appearing like the "anti-semite nut-case" that their media warns them of.
I once took a woman through a lifetime of misinformation until she had no recourse but to conclude on her own who the perpetrators of such an errant education were...and why. She herself deduced the only logical group to be at the bottom of the world's ills, and her understanding of them. Intelligent people WILL come to these conclusions, if left to their own resources, after removing the veil of a poor education and media-driven propaganda.

So as the director of Zeitgeist should have done, and perhaps did unwittingly... is to unveil the BS and expose it for what it is...then let the natural questions follow in the mind of the viewer. Those questions that haunted you, before you began to connect all the dots.
In my "evangelism" to uncover the ruse of the judaic tribe, I find it best to ask questions. To allow the novitiate to follow the logic themselves. Why do they think they know that six million jews were killed in concentration camps during WWII...yet are unable to tell you how many Amerikan lives were lost? Why do the jewish feel they have the right to claim an already-occupied land as theirs, based on something that supposedly happened thousands of years ago? Wouldn't this give anyone in the world claim to their ancestral lands? Is this indeed fair or even plausible in the real world? Do they understand that the ancestors of virtually all of today's "jews" are actually from southern Russia, and not the "Holy Land"? And that these ancestors were converted to the cult of judaism?
Questions like this are invaluable in the effort to lead your project person to the only logical conclusions.
This crusade that we are on lacks cohesion. This quest to pull the veil of lies. I entreat you to use this technique, as opposed to a more heavy-handed dogmatic approach. That approach is "their" domain. When given facts, an intelligent mind can deduce and retain much more information than imaginable. It only requires a beginning. That first question. That's where you begin. That's where I begin.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sisyphus, Morality School And Cigars...

"Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar". This quip is attributed to Sigmund Freud. Although if you have read any Freud, you will understand why he couldn't possibly have uttered such a wisdom. A cigar was always a penis to this jewish sicko. But that's as may be.

I was reading a bio of somebody the other day(can't remember who), and I came across their religious beliefs. It was probably on jewipedia. I like jewipedia. It's a barometer of sorts, in one way...and a "your slip is showing" ,in another. The jews that edit this online pack of lies mixed with trivia can be depended upon for one thing. They are proud of being jews. They will toot their own horns till you can barely hear anything else. So if you have suspicions that this-person-or-that is, was or ever even thought about being of the yiddish can bet your best flyswatter that they will proudly announce it there.
Anyway this bio stated that the guy in question was raised in a strict Presbyterian home, but had rejected these teachings and sent his children to "Morals School" on Sunday mornings instead. This was in the Victorian age. And we think we are progressive over a hundred years later. My point is that I like that. It's a good idea. The whole concept of religion morphing into an on-the-street morality code.
Why do I like this idea? Well, as I see it...all religions save one, possess essentially the same humanist ideas about how to behave together. Oh, I understand that they all have their goofy rituals and funny hats...but when it comes right down to dealing with each other on a daily basis, only one religion comes to mind that is contrary to the flow of the true nature of humans. That "religion" of course being judaism. Which isn't a religion at all...but a financial/military syndicate.
It is the jew that fucks everything up when it comes to how we relate to each other. Now if these ashkanazi shitheads were still in southern Russia, where they belong...I wouldn't even mention them here. But they aren't. Due to their LACK of common morality borne of common sense(as are most major religions) they have lied, cheated and murdered their way to the seats of power in our world.
It's their Freudian "nothing is sacred" coda that is being pushed onto an otherwise logically cordial world.
It must be like the task of Sisyphus for them. They keep straining to push homosexuality, the abortion industry, holohoax lies, usury, war, debauchery, kiddie-porn, drugs, and senseless/useless technology on a dumbfounded populace. It must truly be an uphill battle. I'll give them this...they are tenacious. They are patient. They are tireless. But then again, most religions have a personification of this force. It varies from faith to faith...but in most of their myths...they are spot on. The devil.
Now I don't want to say that I subscribe to any religious mythology or their characters. But when you think about makes sense. If man is capable of doing good, that is to adhere to a basic common morality founded in regard for one's fellow man, then the antithesis is also possible. Somebody said that "whatever man can think of...he can accomplish". I think this goes for everything. Even the worst of which we are capable.
I paint a picture of Gentiles as angelic. You know better. We are not. By any stretch of the imagination. We are humans. But as non-judaic we all have a leash attached(the sane ones, that is),to a general set of rules of humanity. These aren't often questioned by us...because they are self-evident. To us. When we deviate from said shadow rules based in a common regard for one another, we are prosecuted and persecuted. By our fellow man...or ourselves. This is the nature of humanity. It seems that it is also in our nature to deviate from these rules on occasion. When it becomes dangerous is when those that choose to side-step this basic morality, get together in a group dedicated to do just that. This has happened very few times in our short history, but the most prominent instance is zion. It is as if someone took everything that you could think of as anti-humane and made a religion of it. If normal people understand something to be counter-productive, then it goes in their book as holy.
This is the "cigar" of which I speak. It is simple. I don't know why more of us cannot see it yet. A cigar is a cigar. Jews are jews. One is a tobacco product. The other is a person that has a bunch of shit crammed in his head to the point of believing it to be true. Included in this "shit" , is the belief that because he buys all this crap, he is a step above those of us that know better.
You would think that this being such a simple concept...that folks like myself wouldn't have to spend a great deal of our lives trying to wake people up to these facts. But among these common-sense rules to which we all generally the one that says "don't offend". Be as nice as you can be to others. If they say that their grandparents were gassed in ovens or some such tall tales...well, then give them the benefit of the doubt. Until, such lies start to encroach on the other rules to which most Gentiles "don't lie for your own benefit". Or "don't kill". Or "don't cheat". Or just generally "don't be disgusting pukes".
Like Sisyphus...pushing this boulder to an unnatural state of will not work in the long run. No amount of pressure will get this rock to the place the pusher wants it to be.
But we can abet the natural force of gravity. We can push back, assuring this rock-pusher's failure...and save ourselves a lot of trouble in the bargain. By teaching our Sunday schools if you wish...but no matter where, we can quicken his demise by clearing the air of all his obfuscations. Simple is simple. And sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Adam And Eve On A Shingle...

Ok. Either I am entirely nuts, or I am the only person in the world that holds the particular sociological views that I have. Which I think would make me entirely nuts.
I find that about once a month or so, I have to go back to basics and address the following issues...again. I apologize to my regular readers for this repetition...but some people's children...

I knew when I started this site and I put up my menu, I would get orders for the usual fare that I offer. Of course I have the basics...jew-world-order(with fries)...9/11-was-an-inside-job(with a salad or soup de-jour)...Mike Rivero and Alex Jones(with your choice of kosher sides)...etc. All these dishes are standard. But when I began offering Race-sashimi, and Bigotry-al-a-Duke on the menu, I got complaints at the counter.

"What kinda restaurant IS this anyway?" People also don't seem to care for my "I reserve the right to refuse service..." clause and accuse me occasionally of censorship. Oh well, you can't please everyone, I guess. So, the logical conclusion to this quandary in which my little diner finds itself, appears to be to stick to the basics. The standard fair for "alternative" sites. I can offer different side dishes...chem-trails, TSA fondling, crop-circles even...but for main courses I should stick to the "comfort foods".

Fuck that.

Written on the shingle that I hung outside my little establishment I announce my cuisine. ANTI-JUDAISM. That's the basic fare it is at hundreds of thousands of sites. But with a twist, apparently. I won't hate. I won't call for the blood of the jews. I won't thirst for the blood of anyone. And I do not subscribe to the notion that judaism is anything but an exclusive to which I do not belong...although I have even been accused of that...go figure.
I strive to make mine is a bit more rational approach, if you will, to the matter of judaism.
I don't want to reprint the Mission Statement that you can find over there to the left, but perhaps as a friend suggested, I SHOULD make it blink in bright neon colors...something that draws the attention of even the most avid of the "I've already made up my mind" types. Those folks that having read a few of my posts(they say) and find it to be their sworn duty to set me straight on a few issues, when I wander off the beaten path...time and time again. Then demand that I offer only just the basics. I don't understand that mentality, I guess. If you disagree with someone...fine. If you wish to debate an issue with them on a polite congenial level...again fine. But when you go to a site day after day that offers a fare that doesn't agree with your digestive are asking for heartburn. Perhaps these people with indigestion over my menu, should start their own bistro? I dunno. Maybe that is beyond what they want. Maybe they just enjoy bitching about the food. But they spend so much time back in my kitchen telling me what to would think they would be successful in their own venture. Your guess is as good as mine. I'm sure every site out here has similar problems. But it is beginning to get me down. Maybe that's what they want. Perhaps this is an INCREDIBLY sneaky hasbara technique of which I wasn't aware...I doubt it, though.
Of course this is a delicate politics. Especially tenuous when the opinions expressed name the judaic as being the cause of most of the problems in that category. And enormously dangerous when you are dealing with a typical mentality that would side with such views, without reflection. That is to say a rush-to-judgement. Those that are happy to hate. Hate groups of people, just as easily as what some in those groups do. Or in the kosher case...most. Most but not all.
Some wise guy once said that jews see Gentiles as stupid. I agree. I don't know why they wouldn't. Gentiles have a tendency to either go along with all the chaos and horror that the jew causes, for fear of offending...or blindly hate them, sharing the exclusionary view that the judaic themselves purport. Either camp is an easy target. To those that fear the label of anti-semite, and remain silent while their world crashes down around their ears...well, they will continue to do so. Those that scream "filthy kike" are just as easily discounted as racist nut-jobs. The judaic fears neither. And they shouldn't. They are both ineffectual groups in the battle to regain our Gentile world.
What the ashkanazi DOES fear, however...are those that correctly identify them not as a race...not as a religion...but people in a cult. Then they are judged within the scope of human attributes such as the ability to "choose" to follow the dictates of this evil syndicate, or not. Then and only then can they be accused of deliberate evil. Not because of some makey-up race and imaginary DNA instructions. Nothing bares the criminal like proving that at some point he made a conscious choice to be one.
I hate to rant on about these "ranters". I understand that most of my readers...well, do just that. Read. They take my views in stride and occasionally add to a point I try to make, or call me on something I missed in my meanderings. To those, I say thank you. You and those that perhaps find my opinions to be revealing of this cult of which I speak, are why I opened this greasy-spoon. To the rest...I dunno...if you don't like the food...go to another restaurant. Please.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Aren't kids great.  You gotta love that "clean slate" innocence.  The wonder in their eyes...their simplistic reason.  Their sponge-like quality.

Imagine yourself walking into a room full of them.  Say, all about 6-years-old.  No one to supervise their activity.  No adults.  If you are in that room for very long...being such an will naturally be hooked into a superior position.  It's natural.  You will encourage constructive will discourage destructive behaviour.  And they will look to you, no matter who you are, but because you are an adult, to guide.  You have assumed the superior role whether you would deserve such a position in a room full of adults, or not.  Call it leadership.  Call it control.  Call it what you will.  You are the one.

Imagine that you do this every day.  Like, elementary grade teacher.  I have noticed these pedagogues in normal adult situations and how they reflexively "take charge" even then.  Well, you can excuse this officiousness in them, understanding their vocation.
But imagine with me again that for as far back in your childhood as you can remember, you have been told that you are to assume this role of leadership for the rest of your life...just because of who you are.  Not because of some education classes you have endured.  But that you must think of yourself as a "leader" among all those outside your family and synagogue, simply because the ones you must lead are beneath children.
In your assumed role as superior, you must also endure the resentment that being led produces in some of these lowly animals.  Those that you try to manage seem too often unmanageable.  Don't they understand...these cattle?  These inferior beings, that you are only leading them for your benefit?  And why wouldn't these inhuman beasts respond to your direction when they know that you are acting in your best interest...the best interest of you, their leader?
Perhaps this seems simple.  A bit big-crayonish. And nutty as hell. But so many do not understand that this is exactly what goes on in the culture of judaism.  Not all jews hold a position of "leadership" you say.  I agree.
Not all jews even want such a controlling position.  Again, I concur.  However, the regard or more accurately, lack thereof, for anything "un-jewish" is nonetheless in their household and kibbutz training.  That reckoning of superiority is ingrained in them from birth.  That is there inheritance. They learn from a very early age that they are BETTER than we.  That they are humans...and we are beasts in the fields.  Hence their exclusionary attitude.  Hence their lack of compassion for anything non-kosher.  This is based in talmudic scripture, but it has morphed into what we all see as the indecent actions of the jew today, even in camps of the "secular" judaic.  These "reform" jews have made a designer coda from an ancient text based on supremacist theology.  But a tailored one.
And even though most do not believe at all in their religious history itself...they are wont to pick and choose that which allows them to survive to pick and choose.  An ouroboros of sorts.  A deadly one.  To itself and more importantly, to us.
To battle this behaviour and beat back such goings-on from the precipice to which we Gentiles have been backed, we must understand it.
We must see it and call it for what it is.
Some fault me for lauding the activism of Gilad Atzmon.  Most do so because he is in fact, jewish...and therefore cannot be trusted.  "By way of deception..." and all that.  I am duty bound to listen to him because of two  reasons.  It is my contention that matter what stripe...are merely people.  People with a lot of horribly wrong ideas in their heads, put there by a cult that should have been eliminated about two and a half minutes after someone said,  "Hey, I got a good idea...Let's be jews!" 

Secondly, the man speaks the truth as I see it...and as jews live it.

In answer to these critics, firstly - I don't trust anyone.  I have just found that to be a good rule of thumb.  We won't go into why right now.  So other than the words Mr. Atzmon speaks, what is there to him?  He is a jew that was brought up in a household such as I described up there somewhere.  And he says he has rejected such rearing.  I don't care if he has or he hasn't.  What I do care about is the atmosphere of "jewishness" that he describes for the Gentile world to understand.  So few understand the mentality of israhell...he is telling you if you would but listen.  It is not sugar-coated and it is as real as I know it to be, from my experience.  So beyond that, whether he has a secret agenda or not...he has struck many important blows against the cult of his people...and for this I applaud him.  I do not "follow" him or anyone readers should know me better than that.
But in these times of "self-censorship" that we put ourselves through by way of political correctness, it is time that we understand from the horse's mouth what we are truly dealing with.  We cannot battle an evil we do not understand.  He speaks the truth about this.  Believe me.
So whether you "kids"  object to the askanazim and their adopted cult of horror, because of what you can observe, or you wish to attack them on purely religious grounds...makes no difference to me.  As long as you are in the no more white-phosphorous bombs are dropped on the "kids" of Palestine...or indeed, ours.

Dear Sir or Madam,

You have made a post that dares to criticize Israel. As you know, this
makes you an anti-semite.
I would like to point out the following facts that are relevant to the
[1] 6 million Jews died in the holocaust.
[2] You are an anti-semite.
[3] Israel made the desert bloom and we have beautiful beaches.
[4] The Jews have been persecuted for thousands of years.
[5] All Arabs want to push the Jews into the sea.
[6] Israel is a shining example of democracy and ethnic discrimination
does not exist.
[7] Suicide bombers are killing Israeli citizens and collective
punishment will put a stop to this eventually.
[8] The IDF are showing remarkable restraint; They have the power to
nuke the entire region but choose not to.
[9] It is the fault of the Palestinians that they don't rebuild
infrastructure fast enough after we bomb it.
[10] Arafat walked out on camp David, proving that 100% of Palestinians
want war, not peace.
(11) You are an anti-semite.
[12] The Jews are God's chosen people and this is the land that was
promised to us by a book.
[13] It is not a genocide until hundreds of thousands of Palestinians
are killed and we aren't even close to that yet.
[14] 100% of Palestinians are terrorists.
[15] The Arabs drove the Jews from their homeland thousands of years
ago so it is about time for some payback.
[16] Israel has killed fewer people than Iran or Iraq which means we
are a peaceful state.
[17] Carpet bombing an entire country is a perfectly rational response
to the kidnapping of a soldier.
[18] It's not a concentration camp, it's a safety wall!  And are an anti-semite.

Therefore, your claim ( of Israel dropping white phosphorous on a United Nations school] is false and we should continue to send money
and military support to Israel.  You are an anti-semite.

Yours sincerely,

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Jewishness And A Tale Of Two Lines...

The last two posts I published... kinda separated the men from the boys. Sorta. A lot of my readers weren't ready to hear criticism of the Caucasian race, coming from a self-confessed antisemitic Caucasian.

That word sounds the inhabitants of a far-flung island somewhere. "We bid aloha to the natives of Caucasia as they man their crudely fashioned boats in search of their daily catch... in this idyllic tropical setting".

But sigh, it isn't so. It's just the guy next door...and next door to him...etc.

Anyway, I watched the film of Gilad Atzmon's symposium on "jewishness" and I breathed a sigh of relief. A high-five in the air with no flesh to meet mine. Even in his broken restrictive grasp of the English language he can speak more eloquently and succinctly than I, about who and why the real enemy is. Perhaps because he is jewish himself. Perhaps because he is an ex-pat israeli. I dunno. But he gets it. Few do. Most importantly few of us out here where the boots are on the ground and we are holding maps to the flashlight...this way and that...trying to orient ourselves in this new landscape of battle...few understand. Most have their maps upside down. They aren't seeing the stronghold that the ashkanazi have secured in our society...or for that matter why we know that they are indeed the enemy to raid at dawn.

The toughest part is to attack familiarity. That comforting feeling that things were one way, and like it or not, they should remain that way. That zone in which we know our bearings. We know that things are bad. Sure. We understand there is a reason for this far beyond "human nature". But do we all grasp that there is virtually nothing that reaches our ears and eyes through the airwaves or in print, that hasn't gone through a jewish review process? We know that the media is saturated with the zionists, but how deep does it go? Do we understand the rules by which these beasts play? Do we understand the mindset outside of "conspiracy" that rules their everyday behaviour?

I have a friend that recently served a two-week sentence in the southern U. S. Through no fault of his own, he was required, by his job, to serve this time there in a place and culture for which he was not prepared. One evening he had occasion to stop at a local convenience store to pick up a few items, and they having only one check-out lane open, he went and stood behind the only other person elderly Black man. When the man noticed my friend standing behind him, he picked up his purchases off the counter and carried them to a place behind my friend( a Caucasian) and said:" Go ahead, Sir." Not fully understanding what just happened, my buddy said, "No, were here before me...your first". The gentleman repeated insistantly, "Naw Sir...y'all go ahead on".
Taken aback by what was beginning to dawn on my friend as a racial-class thing, he again entreated the man to take his rightful place in line. The elderly man...frustrated...lay down his intended purchases and walked out of the store. My friend having been raised far away from any such goings on was shocked. I understand that. I too would be offended. Not at the Black man, of course...but of the cultural norms that would produce such a scene. If you don't play by the rules...either don't play...or get the rules changed.
This kind of behaviour in pockets of the South still exists today...and thrives. But in sharp relief, another such tale.

I was standing in a gas-station line with some ridiculously expensive impulse items that I thought worth the wait to purchase. The line was long and even though I was only two people back from the till, the woman at the counter was chatting with the clerk as if we all had the time to kill. No biggie. As we all waited, I glanced around the store and outside to the pumps. Up pulls a Mercedes SEL to one of them and out steps a man in a suit that probably cost more than my truck. This gentleman...well, was no gentleman as we all were soon to discover. He fiddled with his wallet and credit cards there for a minute then rushed into the store speaking very loudly as he approached the clerk from the side. He told the clerk to activate the pump he was at and pushed a card at the at the young boy. He announced that he should run it through his machine as soon as he had finished pumping as much gas as he wanted. Then turned to go back out to his Mercedes. The clerk yelled at the man before he got out, and explained briefly that he would have to wait in line if he wanted to use his card for a gas everyone else. This infuriated the motorist. "I don't have the time to stand around in here...just run the card when I signal to you that I am done! think you can handle that?"
Everyone was silent for a few...then the clerk handed the card back to the driver explaining it one more time...slowly. Red-faced and angered...the man exclaimed "Well, I'll just go somewhere else where my business is appreciated". As he left...and the stunned silence continued in the store. I just had to(without using the "J" word) break it by saying "some are apparently accustomed to a life of privilege". That was one of the few hearty laughs I have received from a lot of people... at one time, I mean.
What do these two little vignettes tell us about the state of things? And what do they tell us about the ashkanazi. And what the HELL am I driveling on about this time?
Well, just a few generations ago in the older Black man's family, the jewish brought them to a land where they were destined to be subservient. Just a few generations ago, the jewish Mercedes driver's ancestors made a fortune off of such an enterprise. However one set of class-oriented treatment is declining...and the other is increasing. The rich get richer...and we all are becoming slaves. All but the Western jew. And it is this life of privilege that is easier just to laugh off, than the man that was forced to leave his purchases on the counter.
I dunno...these two stories seem important...I don't know why.