Sunday, December 29, 2013


I'm an intelligent guy. Or so I have been told by reliable sources.
That is not meant to be boasting. More of a declaration of disability. Like those little cards that say "I'm hearing-impaired. Speaking louder and slower won't help me to hear you. I read lips." My disability got me here. A long strange trip. I think I'll have some cards printed up..."I'm intelligent. My education has hampered my ability to enjoy life" Or some such.

When I was younger and going to school, I got a job as a Q.C. inspector. I walked in off the street, did an interview and was hired and trained to inspect the company's product. An okay job. I wasn't the best of the inspectors, but I was white, and I was going to college. Along with me, there were many in my department that needed and had worked their way up to the position of inspector and its slightly elevated pay and benefits. Nice folks, on the whole. Dedicated to and proficient in their vocation. 

A new manager took over the department, and as new managers are wont to do, she intended to make changes. She immediately instituted a series of tests designed to weed-out the less 'intelligent' of her inspectors. One look at these standardized tests told me that they were discriminatory and unnecessary in our department. I had overheard a supervisor gossiping about how great it would be to get rid of the Mexicans in the Q.C. department and also that my results on the coming test would be held as the top of the curve for grading, as I would no doubt ace the exam. Of course, I wasn't supposed to know this. I was supposed to demonstrate my superior intellect and education to set a standard by which all others would fail and be demoted or fired. And they would have; had I not heard the gossip. So I endeavored to deliberately fail. Answers to these academic questions inexplicably evaded my grasp as they did most of those that were tested. I failed miserably. Worst of the lot. The others held on to their positions and I was fired for my insolence after admitting that I had given the wrong answers to try and save the jobs of others. So much for intelligence. Oh, well.

Intelligence is overrated. Grossly. The greatest minds of our time, will readily admit this obvious fact. With out any doubt, it has gotten us into more trouble than done us any good. Our brains have merely evolved too much. Every basic drive with which we are saddled from the days of our caveman era remain intact. And instead of just gathering food for seasonal inclement weather, we hoard out of greediness and laziness. Instead of protecting our families and what we have labored for, we covet and steal from others. We do all this with all the incredible sophistication that our huge brains allow. And yet the end results are the same, just on a grander scale. Segmented societies. Class rule. Hunger, injustice, war and suffering for most. Luxury for a few. A larger brain has not overcome the real stumbling blocks in our evolution as a species. It has made them worse. You might point to the emergence of science as an advancement, but I say 'not so, bucko'. We have conquered some diseases, only to give rise to others. Most of science is dedicated to facilitating creature comforts that further dissipate our physical form, designed for battle with gravity, which gives rise to more ailments. Cancer, Carpel tunnel, obesity, pulmonary ailments are among the many of our man-made diseases that have come to us in our battle against our bodies in pursuit of happiness. When truly, the happiest people that I have ever met are also the stupidest. Life is not a complicated mess for them as it is for me. It is straightforward. They may contemplate the evening sky and its mysteries in their simple way. But they have as many useful answers about them as the most sophisticated astrophysicists. They don't understand the purpose of the universe and our place in it; neither do their intelligent counterparts. So how far have our large craniums brought us? 

I read an essay recently that purported that the jewish among us are indeed more intelligent as a culture than their Gentile counterparts. It referenced this revelation with many rather questionable conclusions, but let's say that it is true. For argument's sake, let us say that through genetic engineering governed by jewish breeding exclusivity, the jew has attained a culturally superior brain. As I look around me, I cannot state that it has gotten these tribe members anything worth having. And assuming that this alleged intelligence has foisted leadership positions upon the ashkanazi descendent over the Gentile(and they have not merely stolen the reigns of power), the world must be in state of higher evolution because of such influence. I ain't seeing that either. But you can't take my assessment into account. I wish I was much stupider than I am. I wouldn't recognize the benefits of intelligence if my butler brought it to me on a silver platter. From my perspective, these jewish elite indulge in some pretty nasty caveman-type endeavors exclusively. Sex, gluttony, laziness and power-mongering. I don't see their culture rising above war and bullying to attain these mediocre things. 
But of course, this isn't true at all. The jewish are merely humans with brains exactly like Gentiles. With all the downfalls that come with such useless excess gray matter. And more. Because they believe that they are intellectually superior, it adds an equally useless helping of hubris about such supposed intelligence. And we have Hollyweird. And we have israhell. And we have central banking cartels. And on and on. All those things that they direct...and all those things that we could all do without. Funny that.
So having to come to the conclusion long ago that my brain has always gotten me into deep do-do, I have begun to assess happiness quite differently. I have grown shy of 'intelligent' people that haven't, like me, come full circle in their understanding that the only beauty in life is in its simplicity. A conclusion which most of the intelligent among us may never reach. I pity them. Sort of.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

On The Canvas...

I read a lot out here. I watch a lot of videos out here. I gather in a lot of other people's opinions in this electronic nether-world. All or most of this information has to do with humans struggling with themselves. And of course, this information comes from those affluent enough to have a roof over their heads and an internet connection. That kind of wealth is nothing to sneeze at, considering that most people in the world do not have such luxuries. So all of these opinions are being expressed by the 'haves' in proxy of the 'have-nots'. I got a problem with that. As much of a problem as I have with the uber-rich speaking in my stead.
I remember during the Falklands war(?) in 1982, talking to a British woman about the conflict with Argentina and her native land. She summed it up by saying "Oh, we Brits love a good scrap".
That impressed me. A very profound statement, thinks I. For the PTB or the PTW(were), there is always fertile ground for war mongering. I don't think I would say that it is in our DNA to desire conflict with our fellow humans, but we certainly are susceptible to propaganda aimed at stirring up mayhem for the benefit of the banking industry. And of course that is behind all war, no matter how you paint it. That's as may be.
Back to struggle. Life itself is such. Or should be, if it's done right, I feel.

It happens. And it enriches our experience on earth. It defines us.
A good scrap against the odds makes our accomplishments all the more worthwhile. But lately, this barney that we are involved in has most of us either on the ropes or on the canvas. Most of the middle-class people I know are being beaten to the hemp, and although aware that they are allowed to hit back, nonetheless seem to prefer to do the rope-a-dope thing in defense. Half protecting their faces and taking a pummeling in lieu of the knockout punch that would send them to see Jesus. At least they aren't being counted out on the floor, they seem to feel.
I like to draw analogies about boxing. Since I was a kid, I have always been mesmerized by two guys battling it out in a ring. I have always seen pugilism as a microcosm of life itself. It is not necessarily the competition with others that intrigues is the  beat-or-be-beaten rawness of such battles that fascinates. True human will put to good use. The having to put all you are on the line, or suffer horrible defeat. When two boxers are well matched, it speaks to something primal in me that wants the opponent with the most resolve to remain on his feet. I guess,whether you can enjoy two such thugs beating hell out of each other or is the battle with which most can identify. The "Rocky" narrative. We all like to see ourselves somehow in those that can battle odds and a faceless opponent to prove our worth. Some take this too far. Those that know they have no such battles in life.
I had a great giggle the other day when I ran across an ad for the latest treatment of Thurber's "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" when I saw who jewy-wood had selected this time around to play the meek protagonist. Of course...a fellow jew. Again. 
Now, another couple generations of Gentiles will view Mitty as yet another khazarian victim. Sigh. Like Danny Kaye a few generations ago, Ben Stiller embodies how the kosher film producers mistakenly(or not)perceive the milquetoast dreamer as a down-trodden-type jewish persona. They love that shit. It is part and parcel to their mythology. From Superman to Mitty, they must always understand themselves to be the meek overcoming the strong. Probably because, at least in this age of the jewish being at the top of the heap, they have nothing left to validate their inflated accomplishments. Of course I speak of those jews in positions of media power that embody "jewish identity politics". For identity is what this is all about, after all.
I received a review recently on amazon concerning my book. I quote:

"Initially drawn in by what seemed to be a bold attempt to tackle a forbidden topic, I found it wanting. The writing is a banal, stream of consciousness that includes periodic outbursts of gratuitous profanity. Anyone could find this sort of rant online; it should never have been bound together in book form."
Now, I can't say that I disagree with that review completely. I guess some could see my writing as 'banal'. Definitely stream of consciousness. Of course you CAN find my sort of rants online. After all, they are from here and this is online. It is debatable whether they should or should not be bound in book form. I've read worse books. But of course the reviewer is entitled to that conclusion. But what the fuck is he talking about "outbursts of gratuitous profanity"? I don't remember any of that shit in my tome. There is no pleasing some people. But I will wholeheartedly agree that I found it wanting as well. I find most about me wanting.
It all comes back to struggle, I guess. My struggle against a pretty nasty tribe by publishing my thoughts about them. Trying to be on the right side of history. I don't call for every ashkanazi to be swinging from a lamppost. Perhaps that is what the reviewer was looking for. Who knows.
But in this season of forgiveness, I applaud the reviewer's opinion. At least he put it forth. I will leave it to my millions of fans to rebut his estimation.

Saturday, December 7, 2013


There have been memes established out here. Hell, the word 'meme' is one of them. A makey-up term to define mindset, paradigm, popular thought, coolness, hipness...
Pick your era, and there is a word to depict what is believed and acted upon in that 'now'. From politics to music, what is going on at the moment has always been around. But meme is the current buzz-word.
In the 'alternative' side of the internet;citizen journalism, citizen
editorializing, citizen social networking - what have you - there are camps of discontent. Many. They all have a diagnosis.They all have a prognosis. They all hawk their particular brand of snake-oil, but with basically the same ingredients. So if you adhere to the attitude of this wave of common-man reportage and editorial, you must first have decided that we as a species are ill. It is just a matter of homeopathic or allopathic. Quick cure with pills, or 'natural' cure without. Kind of a 'storm the castle' or 'chant in the street' thing. Once you have diagnosed the symptoms of an ill society in your own mind, the next step(assuming that you believe that you are also somehow infected) is to induce the cure. Big body to cure. It will take a lot of practitioners. Lots of pills or herbs, no matter which approach you want to support. Do we cut out the infected tissue, or try to stimulate the body's own natural defenses? Or do they need stimulation? All good questions that have plagued the revolutionary brain since man crawled down from the trees.
I asked my better half the other day, "Do you ever get the feeling that you don't belong in this era?". I was serious. I wasn't referring to the feeling that all aging people get when they find it increasingly difficult to keep up with the times. It is the puzzling feeling that I get more often lately that there are no times up, with which to keep.

A college freshman and her mother were hanging curtains in her new dorm room, when the girl's new roommate entered.
"Hi, I'm from Dallas. Where y'all from?"
The girl and her mother exchanged haughty glances and she said "I'm from a place that doesn't end sentences with a preposition".
The girl from Dallas said "Well then, where y'all from, Bitch?"

 I couldn't tell Kim Kardashian from Jennifer Lopez from Miley Cyrus if my very life depended upon such distinction. I mean, I know that in itself is not a federal offense but it is 'their' camp not ours, that revels in current celebrity. Those of a dull mentality, generally speaking. I suppose. Maybe those striving to stay in the now just take from the table the only things offered. 
But that's as may be.
I wanted to talk about purpose. Purpose out here. Purpose at this particular stop.
I remember a high school math teacher telling us that it was VERY important to be able to do long division and all other math functions that every school kid hates. And not to depend on calculators to do these things for us. Well, I disagreed mildly. On one hand I could see what she was implying: If you don't understand the mechanics of the function you will also lose the ability to understand the need for it. But my reply was: "Do you foresee a time when all calculators will disappear and we will have to get out a pencil?"
Many out here will decry the fact that modern man could not exist in this world without his technology. That Mrs. Normal has no idea how to prepare a meal from the raw ingredients that Mr. Normal couldn't provide her if his life depended on it. That is a doomsday scenario that we almost all agree is just around the corner. Those Wal-Mart zombies that we all love to tsk-tsk, would be left helpless in a world without the conveniences that they so depend upon. I dunno. I don't think I buy that.
I watched a video of a speaker the other day(that sounds amazingly like Richard Dreyfuss). He has written a book that explains that our amerikan culture and all the sociological freedoms that it enjoys have hookers, drunks and shiftless slaves to thank. It is a fascinating ride to take with his historical revelations. And he dispels a few myths that we all hold. I think he has come to the wrong conclusions over his research, but it is eye-opening nonetheless. Pretty slick. Of course my readers, I think, will also question his conclusions, and his motives. In the speech and his book, the author claims that, among other points, no one should want to work for anyone else if he doesn't feel the purpose or reward of such labor. That this is the common sense demonstrated by amerikan slaves that were deemed 'shiftless'. And that they introduced the notion of worker's rights and even vacations. With all this, I concur. And his references are impeccable. Then he goes on to hold that late 19th century whores and their madams are the forerunners of current feminism, in that they were the first successful, liberated women in our country's history. Again, I agree. He also stated that it is his view that whatever the period in our culture, the next big thing will always be determined by degradation of what national morality is left. That is, if it is deemed immoral by the 'establishment', it will become popular and accepted at some point by all.
Well, I can't disagree with this either. But he implies somehow that this is a good thing. Or will eventually pan out to be a good thing. Now, he constantly declares that he is not a nihilist and is merely observing history as it plays out in fact...but I get the feeling that these things he covers leave him with some sort of hope for our future. With that I will vehemently argue, although I think his opinion is held by many, whether they distinguish it so eloquently or not. That somehow, merely questioning a common set of common-sense rules held by the majority, destroys the validity of these rules. Sometimes this is true. Sometimes not. To question the ethic held all the way up to the early twentieth century that men should never be in the company of others without some sort of coat covering his arms should have been questioned, and was. It fell by the wayside as a more common-sense fashion emerged that freed men from such discomfort. 

That's all well and good. But, unlike the author, I tend to want to look to exactly where all this social change is headed. I mean, it must have a purpose. An end point. A conclusion. Somewhere we all enjoy all the personal freedom that we want...and yet do not encroach on anyone else and their pursuit of 'purpose'. 
Well, I don't think that magic balance exists. Or if it does, it will be a pretty delicate one.
But back to that purpose. We all strive to see it. In our lives, and in life itself. The latter, in my opinion, gives rise to all manner of hocus-pocus worship and metaphysical speculation, due to the lack of real, factual and tangible answers. Well, that's okay too. For some. The evening that my Mother died, a neighbor of hers, a rather simple man, came to offer his condolences. After having told me that he was sorry to hear of her death, he was almost speechless to follow up such an attempt at comfort except to say, "Well, these things happen". As clumsy and almost offensive as this remark may sound to you, I concur with his simple, pragmatic conclusion. That's all you can really say about death. It happens. He too died within a year of that night, and I couldn't help but replay his sentiment in my mind as I thought of his passing.
But anywho. I know. I have been writing fewer and fewer dedicated  screeds on the tribe lately. I have long since declared that as my 'purpose' here, and I seem to be remiss in my self-appointed duty. I have typed hundreds of thousands of words over the years on the subject, and maybe it has done some good...maybe not. I know that it has gotten easier to prove my point. Like the comic that prays for the most apparent asshole to be elected to office, merely to provide him with juicy's almost too easy now. Too easy to constantly point out the misdeeds of a cult that more and more identify their own evil and become isolated in their hatred. You can do it yourself  in the comfort of your homes now. I like to think this is partly because of people that have broken the taboo of speaking against them here on the info highway. But I know it is much more due to their overplaying their hand, which by the nature of evil, was bound to happen. It is child's play to see their purpose.
It is not so simple to see mine lately, I guess. I will define it for you as best I can. When the mood strikes me. And I feel that purpose.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Sucker Punched In Mythland

You can place a modicum of confidence in those expressing views that align with yours. But you have to let it go at that. Take a little here, take a little there. But don't take it all. From anyone.

I watched a streaming lecture from travel-guru Rick Steves the other night. Besides having followed his insightful advice before in some of my travels, I had been entranced by his 2009 sojourn to Iran, and its ground-breaking propaganda-busting quality, in the face of the mainstream Muslim-bashing that was demonizing the entire Iranian nation as evil. I thought that took a lot of balls. I mean, telling us that "it probably isn't a good idea to bomb these people". He gained quite a bit of respect from me to have changed so many minds about the humanity of Iran's populace, and it probably accomplished much more than he realized at the time. Maybe more than he intended. That was then.

So when I received notice that he had just returned from Middle-East with plans to do a 3-part doc on the Levant, and besides israhell, also actually NAMED Palestine as a destination, I was excited to see his myth-destroying acumen at work again in a place that is dear to my heart. Well, life is full of disappointments. And it seems that most everyone has a price. Apparently Rick has his.
The streaming lecture was a teaser for his new series on the Holy Land. And although he spent a goodly part of the talk covering  the humanity of the West Bank and Gaza...when it came to assessing the horror they face daily, he began parroting every lie we have all heard too much. Penned, it seems from the Beast itself. From "Arabs and jews have always been at each other's throats", to "holocaust survivors came and built shining cities in the sand", it was the same-old-same-old hasbara propaganda that we all know word-for-word. You know the drill. There was little if any political truth in his lecture, as I am sure there will not be in the series when it hits the airwaves next spring. *sigh*

Such a wasted opportunity. But after all, he is merely a travel guide; not a martyr. My confidence(not trust) was misplaced yet again. Oh well. I was sucker-punched. No biggie. I've had worse. They don't hurt, really. They just kind of disorient you for a short while. Then you get your bearings back and keep fighting.

In the title up there somewhere, I mentioned mythland. That would be right here. The trenches from which I write all this crap. The land of the free and the home of the brave. Terrorism Central. It's easy to get sucker-smacked here. We are bred for it. Few of us even feel it anymore. As this astute article points out, its just a matter of course now. "You are going to feel a little pressure on your jaw". 
"Why, that didn't hurt at all!" we say, with glassy eyes and almost constant disorientation now.

I guess what gets my goat more than the ignorance for profit that rules supreme here now, is how rampant it is among even those that profess being 'enlightened'. The patriots. The constitutionalists. Those that wish to restore our once-great nation to...I dunno...some mythic past for which none of them can provide evidence of ever having really existed. According to those wanting to 'save amerika', this glorious period in our history to which we should all want to return was sometime after the Declaration of Independence was signed, and yet before we began committing horrific genocide and theft from the indigenous humans living here. Or was it before Aron Lopez  and his tribe started shipping Africans into slavery here. Or sometime after our great Civil War(and under the guise of abolishing such wholesale human trafficking, we guaranteed that no state could secede from our federal bloody policies). Or was it that time when the robber-barons began destroying our ecology by industrializing an otherwise pristine continent? Was it before or after the two world wars we eagerly participated in...slaughtering over 70 millions?  I'm confused momentarily on the exact period in our history to which we need to return. But I'm sure they have a big myth planted in their little brains. Ever notice that they are all Caucasians? These patriots that long for saving 'our' heritage.

I dunno. I guess I am of the opinion that this country was NEVER anything but an empire-building terrorist entity, manufacturing consent to be the latest to rape and pillage the rest of the world. Never. Not in your white-only suburban childhood memories. Not in your bullshit-history books. Not in your yiddish hollywood treatments. Never. Didn't happen. No freedom. No bravery. No integrity. No mercy. Zip. So rejoice. There is no destruction of a once-great nation. You cannot destroy that which never existed.
But if you DO possess some of the above-mentioned un-amerikan  qualities, I would suggest you follow the teacher's advice and get the hell out while you still can, before you are blamed personally for all that is to come. 
If not...well...
At least you have learned to take a punch now. That will come in handy.

"Belief in myth allows the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought" - John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Thursday, November 21, 2013

The End Of The World...Again


I don't deify leaders. Never have. I figure they have enough admirers without adding my critical adoration to the mix.


I met Jack Kennedy. When I was a little kid at school, we were out for recess on our asphalt playground on a chilly autumn afternoon playing a game of "scrub baseball". A block-long black limo pulled up and a man in a suit got out. No cameras. No reporters. An unscheduled stop. Our teacher called us all over to the iron fence and this handsome young man shook our hands and poked and teased us and asked who was up next. When he saw my friend with the bat he said "keep your eye on the ball". That in itself was nothing. Our fathers told us that all the time. It is amazing though, what that little piece of advice can do for a kid's swing. If a child is really listening to the coaching...he can clear his little mind of all other distractions and smack that ball as easily as slapping apples from a tree. Focus...that's the thing.
He waved goodbye while telling us to make sure that our parents went and voted for him in a few weeks. I was too young to know what that meant. I don't know why he stopped and kidded with us. Maybe he just liked kids and he had some time to spare between whistle stops. Anyway, it was in all the papers.
Like Bill Clinton often said about meeting Kennedy at a young made a huge impression on me. But obviously the impression left on me, was of a different bent. It was more and more important to me, as I grew...and of course he and "Camelot" died.

Not long after that, the world ended. I was about ten I think. The young man that had poked and kidded us was making an announcement on our television that clearly frightened my parents. This then frightened their children. This was about the Cuban missile crisis. I understand a bit more now of what was actually going on behind the scenes when that message was delivered to us. But it was unprecedented in my lifetime till then. It was the first time most had ever heard official warning to a populace of an impending nuclear exchange.
Well, the jewish took care of Jack for Dimona, refusal to sell israhell f-16's, attempting to abolish their federal reserve scam, Northwoods and a slew of other ashkanazi reasons. But that was then. To me at the time...when they had him killed...the world ended again in a way. Some innocence was lost and I stepped into a much larger world. Even the radio airwaves played a song which, although had nothing to do with Cuba or communism or jews, nonetheless kept that phrase on the tip of our tongues as we sang along..."don't they know it's the end of the world?"
The world has ended many times since then. For all of us. Not just radical change in our personal lives, but the world outside our heads.
I also met Bobby Kennedy...well, his wife anyway. He was speaking at our town square...a small republican town. After the speech, he and Ethel went to the Democratic headquarters in town...and a few friends and I were milling around there getting bumper stickers and pins and such. We didn't know they were coming so it was a surprise when they walked up to us. Ethel shook my hand and thanked me for my support. Me? I wasn't supporting anyone...but that was a nice sentiment. She was so exuberant and pretty and open-faced. It was hard not to fall in love at first sight. Bobby was across the room engaged with others...I didn't wait to talk to him. Sorry I didn't now. Oh was in all the papers.
But jews put and end to Bobby too. Shame.
I look around and see the end of another world. There is no innocence left. They see to that. Amerikan Idolatry and faux revolutions, and the world we used to know is no longer good enough for them.
Maybe I am not getting across what I want. Perhaps I am not "communicating effectively" to use a phrase that in Jack Kennedy's time would have sounded very odd. Things change. Worlds end.

So anyway, I was just thinking about all the things that have happened since that autumn day when the soon-to-be-assassinated president told us to keep an eye on the ball. I still am, Jack. I know who is pitching it. I know who killed you and your brother... when that world ended.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Average Guy

I have yet to meet him. Joe Average. Of all the thousands of people that I have met and worked and played with, I don't think I would insult any of them by calling them by this fictional moniker. Much trouble has been stirred by glossing over humanity to find a common denominator that strips Joe of his. 

Joe doesn't exist in a spreadsheet any more than he exists in reality. 
But that's as may be.
Everyone has their humanity despite what we are led to believe. Even Arabs. I won't berate Joe because he isn't aware of things that I think I am aware of. And I say 'think', because I deal in speculation. I 'know' very little. I know that I read a lot. Mostly other people's speculation. We all seem to be playing a game out here of "if-this-then-this". Trying desperately to connect dots that will vindicate our particular brand of awareness. What I think I "know" for example, is that every single problem we face in our modern world has its roots in how we raise our children as a species. Every one. I have yet to be disproved on this point. Wanna give it a shot?  It all comes back to the simple concept that what you are around your kids influences them and how they will act when they get to the age where they make their own decisions. That to me is more than obvious. The old saw that tells us that 'people don't change' is of course, true. The reason it is true is that by the time children have been hard-wired with the example of their parents and are on their own...if they
make it that far...will behave in the only fashion they know. Operate from a core program that tells them 'if it was good enough for Mom and Dad...". Or, the program in their biologic computer rebels and tells them, "Mom and Dad had their heads up their asses and there is no way that I am going to be like them". Of course you can substitute 'Mom and Dad' with whatever role-models you had if you don't come from a nuclear family...and who's to say that we should?

This Be The Verse

By Philip Larkin

They fuck you up, your mum and dad. 
They may not mean to, but they do. 
They fill you with the faults they had
And add some extra, just for you.
But they were fucked up in their turn
By fools in old-style hats and coats, 
Who half the time were soppy-stern
And half at one another’s throats.
Man hands on misery to man.
It deepens like a coastal shelf.
Get out as early as you can,
And don’t have any kids yourself.

But that's as may be. To see the world for what it is, look at it through your kid's eyes. Look at their education, their facebook page, their celebrity worship, their worship of the material. You taught them this. And it is reinforced by the very media that you hate. Social and non-interactive. That is the world you handed them. Is it good enough for you? If it isn't, well you need to talk to them. Like the mistaken concept in the second "Back To The Future" where Doc says "We got to do something about your kids". That is all he had to do. Talk to them. Telling Marty and his girlfriend that, is enough. They don't have to take a Delorian to a possible outcome to fix what hasn't happened yet.

My parents told me 'no' incessantly...and even that wasn't enough. a good word. Along with the word 'hate', it has gotten a bad rap. Both serve a fundamental purpose without which we would be lost. Well, more lost than we are.
But back to 'Joe'. We all know him even though he doesn't exist any more than that half a child that we see on population charts. He is an affable bloke, Joe. He believes everything he is told. Questions nothing. Goes along with the matter where they are going. Watches TV 24/7. Drinks the right beer, uses the right
deodorant and has a designer dog... and half a cat. We try against insurmountable odds to wake him up to the horrors that surround him, but the knucklehead just won't live like us. He doesn't have time. So why do we bother when he is a figment of the imaginative marketing strategy of corporations? Because we know him too well, I guess. We gave birth to him and just walked away. Went to work to buy him the things he asks us for. So we won't have to be placed in that uncomfortable position of saying "no".
Lane change:
Mark Twain once said of death: " I was dead for millions of years before I was born and it never inconvenienced me a bit".
Several readers have pointed out that I cannot possibly get a defensible position defined here in essays with less than two-three thousand words. Bullshit. I have a post-modern take on it. Impressionistic essays.
Just sayin...

Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Undiscovered Country...

"...The undiscovered Country, from whose bourn
No Traveller returns, Puzzles the will..."

It dawned on me the other day that I would rather be dead...than to have my youth back. Sounds crazy, huh? But it isn't so nuts if you think about it. If I was 20-30 again, or even younger, I would be behind someone's bars. Guaranteed. But as it is now, in the last few stages of my game, I find myself devoid of the energy of my convictions. Not lacking the courage, just that youthful motion that got me into trouble so many times before this country turned into an unabashed, unashamed fascist dictatorship. Oh well. It happens to the best of man's efforts eventually. But if I did have that energy back and having witnessed what I have over the last couple score of years, I think my anger and vanity would get the best of me. I would rather journey to the 'undiscovered country' than to rot in some corporation's cage. So. It all works out for the best. For me that is. And we are egocentric...this species to which I belong(although I didn't actually apply for membership...honest).
I am ashamed to be human more often than not. I am no
tree-hugger, but I am powerless to come up with anything really noble that we as a rather disgusting species, sharing(not dominating) this rock, have ever accomplished. We are the newcomers that screwed things up for a lot of other inhabitants for a while, thinking we are at the top of some food-chain or other and have no predators above us. That's a giggle as we drive by marble orchards filled with those that have succumbed to a really dominate life-form commonly known as bacteria. But that's as may be.

I want to see this country "from whose bourn, no traveler returns". I like that whole idea. It's hilarious, really. In an ironic sense.

I recently mainlined the PBS(aka JBS) series, "Shakespeare Uncovered". I will amend my statement up there about our species accomplishing nothing of note, to 'except Shakespeare'. 
I recommend the series to anyone that is enthralled by the Bard's wisdom. It is true affirmation.  And, you get to experience what I have always noticed, in spades. "And now a word from our sponsors". In every episode(each one taking on a different play narrated by actors that have played in them), there are of course pundits. Talking-head-scholars that provide history and purpose of the various plays and characters. Thoughtful individuals all, presenting insightful info about the subject. All but a few. The sponsors. The jews. It is giggly to watch these tribe members mouthing nothings about the greatest poet of this or any other century. Again...the irony. Other than their surnames and their PhD's, they have nothing of note to contribute. But they are there. As they always are. Laughable. But if you can get by that...the series(save the episode dealing with The Scottish play, starring the only amerikan, Ethan embarrassing...skip that one fer sure), is enlightening, entertaining and wholly not-tv.

But even that isn't what I wanted to cover today. As the title alludes, it is Shakespeare, the man, that is on my mind again. I have always thought that if anyone in this species has ever expressed the entertaining futility of the doomed experiment that is homo sapiens-sapiens, it was he. And he did so in such a highly palatable way. For all the joy he plotted within our species, so too was he wise enough to conclude that it is indeed predestined to fail. That so many connected to his clear view of humankind, to me, speaks to that undiscovered/discovered knowledge that we all share. That we are the loud, violent family in the neighborhood that will eventually default on our home loan and soon vacate an otherwise balanced community of lifeforms. And the decent inhabitants of the planet will just have to put up with us, until we are finally kicked out. Foreclosed on by the force of a balanced nature that was here long before we arrived with our 'intelligence' and twerking. 
So the 'we' that are unwilling participants in this offensive evolutionary mews known as mankind(with emphasis on the ironic 'kind'), an undiscovered country of rest from the fever that is a dying infection, is all too alluring.
I arrived at understanding this conclusion that the Bard described for us after having read "The Tempest", many years ago. At that vain age, I thought I was the only person that 'got it'. I have since learned that I wasn't. There is again, an ironic understanding therefore, that so many that have taken themselves out of the equation so to speak, fully grasp what he was talking about. From "As You Like It" to "The Tempest" and all stops in between, we can travel his path of enlightenment to our own confrontation of that country which we must all enter.
As one of my readers deftly put it, I excel at saying things people don't want to hear. I suppose this is a prime example. It's tough to rally around one that is such a defeatist. Even if there is a bitter joy to the realization that they express in their resignation. But hey...I calls em like I sees em. There is joy in this pragmatism that I espouse. The joy that the playwright taught me.

Enjoy your brief stay in this brief run of a doomed evolutionary failure. Try not to hasten our eventual downfall in your 'intelligent' fashion. Be as kind as you can to superior lifeforms. And look forward, don't fear the visit to that undiscovered country. For as he reminds us: "...the rest is silence".

Thursday, October 31, 2013


It's all so muddling. What are we to believe? Is that how it is supposed to be? Perhaps. Are we embroiled in times that dwarf the travails of past generations, or are we merely inundated with the imagery of those with competing agendas? 
Many wise men have stated some universal things that all boil down to one fact about which I think it is safe to say...'you can take to the bank'.
 In essence: It is the nature of leadership that, one; it attracts the type of personality that is fundamentally corrupt, and two; by the very nature of such a personality, these leaders(elected, appointed or ordained by some god or other) do not care about those that they lead. Why is this such a difficult concept for the common man to grasp? I dunno. It seems obvious to me. Maybe because, although I have met many 'leaders' politics, industry, religion...I have yet to meet one that is chiefly concerned with those that he governs.
I will even count myself among them. I enjoyed management positions for many years, and I can tell you with no hesitation, that the welfare of those that I led, (beyond what such concern could do for me in the short term) was the last thing on my mind. That is the nature of leadership. To manage. To manipulate. To use. 
This is not a secret. This is in every management training course. Management is manipulation. To sign on with this program of manipulating people speaks to the integrity of those that lead. So why do we think that our 'leaders' will somehow turn over a new leaf and begin putting their own benefit on the back burner to concentrate on what their followers want? Why indeed.

And yet people continually petition their politicians for change that will benefit the masses. Until a person with power over others sees the 'what's in it for me' first...such change will not happen. When a leader is begged to consider the true will of those that he leads, and it doesn't coincide with what he wants or needs first, all that it accomplishes is to force the one in charge to lie. Lie about what he is doing in his office, and what he intends to do for his flock. The only ones to please with any 'leader's' policy are the ones above them. Surely this is obvious. Everyone has a boss. Heaven knows that the first thing that struck me when ascending to management, was the amount of those to please above me had quadrupled. Where as a worker-bee, I had but one bosses' ass to kiss, as a middle manager, I was on my knees constantly. Of course, however, in politics as in production management, the goal of an upward mobility is to pare down the number of derrieres presenting themselves to you for oral genuflection. Until you are the one seeking such worship from everyone below you, and you answer only to yourself. A consummation devoutly to be wished. But rarely attained.

When I had been in middle management for a few years and was completing the image of myself as a man-among-men, seeing myself as more capable than my fellow bees, well it followed that I also saw a man in the mirror that was 'better' than those he led. A dangerous tendency lying in the hearts of the best of us, to be sure.
So I was promoted several times and then transferred to leadership of my own district. Among the immediate changes that such a move demanded was to head a weekly meeting of engineers from several companies that purchased our product. I was the man. I had to update, defend and answer questions about my company's products on a weekly basis to an audience of men wearing suits that cost more than my car. Needless to say, I was tongue-tied at the first meeting. These seasoned professionals took pity on my having been thrust into an awesome responsibility at such a young age and with little to no speaking skills. I soon warmed to it however. It was my job and I did it to the best of my abilities...which were improving constantly. To the point at which, I looked forward to my time in the spotlight, and garnered respect for the wit and ease with which I discharged my meetings. No harm done. But was there?
I tell you this because I understand the mentality behind those hooked on power. Even the smallest amount. It is addictive. It is a glorious feeling to know that you are taken seriously...whether you should or shouldn't be.
But that's as may be. As a supervisor, I learned that people are merely tools to be used. Babysat for the most part. But using the manipulative tricks of rewarding profitable behaviour, to chiding the child in my workers over failure to complete a task that no one in their right mind would want to do, I understood the limits to the direction of leaders that the common man will brook. As a middle manager, I learned that the right low-level decisions could make or break me. As an executive manager, I learned to see people as not only tools but commodities. I learned to lie big. To shift blame. To cheat. To steal. All in the name of leadership. Machiavellian self-preserving hubris.
No...I didn't find Jesus. My ego had grown to the point that at one juncture I fought with the CEO of my company over an issue about which he was wrong...and of course, I was right. His 'leadership' position trumped mine, and I resigned over it. Hallelujah. I quickly fell back to earth where I belong. But not without taking a few important lessons with me. About power. About leaders. And about the world in which we struggle under 'leaders'.
So when I see 'leaders' in our struggle against what we see as the most potent international force of "the tribe", stepping up to the leadership plate, I gotta pause. My contention is that we don't need leadership in any way, shape or form. It is too lofty a position even for the most trustworthy among us. And I remember that along with such leadership positions comes a lot of vain preening and total disregard for anyone 'below' you.
Now, I don't tell you all this as some sort of excuse for those that have gained power over you and have abused such artificial office.
But to counter the old saying that "power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely". As in my case, the first part of that maxim can be true. But generally speaking, for those that would corrupt a company, a nation...a world. The corruption was already there within these leaders. You simply give them the power to use it.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Care About The Bleeding Crowd

Often nowadays, I find myself looking at google analytics on my site traffic. That is to say that I am painfully aware of my traffic here. Who they are. When they come. What draws them. What doesn't. What pushes them on down the road. And what they take with them from here when they do push on.
I'm not in love with what I see, more often than not. It has come to the point(or perhaps it was always thus), that unless I say the right things, the graph trips over itself and tumbles downward. I'm sure a few readers out there(you know who you are), don't judge so capriciously, but generally speaking I find that I have entered a contest that I never intended to enter. And I'm more worried about the burning lungs in my chest than who just passed me. I never really got races. I never really understood competition in any form.
But hey, that may just be me.
However, back to saying the right thing. That is a tricky business. I
know what readers out here in the blogosphere want to read. I know they want me to point ad infinitum to this evil group or the other, and 'tsk tsk' them. I know that there is this camp and that one, that have their favorite demons. If I'm lucky I will hit on a few and the amen crowd will reward me with hits and...well, amens. They will hyperlink and electronically applaud for my hour or so work of putting one slanderous word after another, attaching a few images, choosing a pleasing color and selling a package of observation with my particular flavor. I'm kinda over it though. And apparently, I'm only holding my own within the trailing pack that is just rounding the 3ed turn anyway.

There seem to be various formulas for success out here where I have chosen to reside for a certain percentage of my precious time; for all time is precious. If success is one's goal.
But of all the various postulates out here, they all seem to have one thing in common if they want to garner attention. And that is that somehow, the entire world's population(except, of course, the author and readers of these successful endeavors) are being controlled. Controlled against their will and common sense if they would just wake up. See the devil for who he is and his master plan for world domination(which I would think these demons would already have if they already have so much control).

Well, I have chosen my enemy as per the unwritten rules out here. And the more I rail on and on about a 'philosophy' of a loosely-knit cult that call themselves 'jews', I am still seen as one that would demonize an entire group of humans. And if I stray from such cultural bigotry...again, my graph line starts heading south.

When I was forced, by various social means, to play(amerikan) football, I was preselected to be a lineman. I was big for my age and bulky. A threat. That's the nature of that game I hated for years and still do. I can almost always tell the guys that didn't play more than touch, or flag football in their youth. They make up most of the male football fans of today. It's like driving a huge truck or Harley. Outward appearance of manliness that doesn't reveal one's lack thereof. But anyway, suffice to say, I hated it. Someone once said that it is the perfect amerikan game: Violence punctuated with committee meetings. I couldn't agree more. But it was more than that to me. It foreshadowed all the jobs that I was to have later in life. Y'know...hierarchy. Bullies. Having to take shit from some 'leader' that didn't know his ass from a hole in the ground. Suffering for their glory. Oh, well.
I remember a defining moment in my short-lived career out there on the line. After one of our brilliant QB's play calls that failed, he of course blamed everyone on the line for his failure to lead us effectively a few more yards toward 'his' goal. And he focused his anger at me and my fellow left lineman. As we tripoded down onto the next scrimmage, we two merely glanced at each other and grinned through our facegaurds. At snap we both slid away from each other enough to open a hole that you could drive a steamroller through. Which was exactly what happened. The entire opposing team funneled through our gap, and that preening asswipe of a quarterback left the gridiron on a stretcher. 
I love watching bullies get their comeuppance. I like to be the cause of it when I can. We all do, I guess. Unless we are the bullies. But would we even know if we are? I could be seen as a spoiled imperialist-capitalist pig by probably 75% of the world. If you were to look at how I live. I have a roof over my head, a vehicle and some money saved. I eat regularly and have time to type this tripe often. I have won a race that I didn't even consciously enter. And yet I have the unmitigated gall to preach that I have a social conscience. That I " about the bleeding crowd", when generally speaking, I don't. If I did, I would give away all that I could to those that are not so fortunate. And if I truly cared about my internet ranking, I would write exactly what millions of people want to read. That there is an evil-dooer group that are bent on the death of every other living creature in the world. That by my observant typing, I will champion your cause against 'the man', no matter who he is. I am aware and awake and I am going to lead you to such consciousness.

The only things I am genuinely aware of, are these: The world has ALWAYS been going to hell in a hand-basket. There has ALWAYS been war and slaughter and bigotry and blind hatred and devious leadership and greed at the top. And, more importantly, there ALWAYS will be these conditions. I'm sorry...that's just the way it is. It is my considered opinion that if you don't see this fact...well, you either haven't lived long enough or you are mentally unfit. If you foresee a day in which we all live in harmony and justice, you should ask your doctor if commitment is right for you. Seriously.
This, of course doesn't mean that we have to like these continuous  conditions of our species. Or participate in them. We should fight such influence everywhere it is we ALWAYS have, with varying degrees of force and results. The more that the 'mad scientist' in our midst believes and tries to implement world domination, the more the common man will rebel. That is what we are seeing at this particular junction in our history.
I rail on about judaism here because they are the ones causing all the most recent shit. That is not to say that they have always been the ones.
So care about the bleeding crowd, as much as you feel comfortable with, but do not live under the delusion that this is the worst that it could possibly get. It has been much worse many times for many more. But it hasn't been as 'in your face' as it was in our decadent past due to the lack of our now all-prevalent media. Who knows what would have happened if wikileaks was around to reveal Rothschild's little buy-the-bank-of-England trick. What if social media was around to expose Spartan camps where preteen boys were kept for the warrior's pleasure? What if a youtube video was made of Caligula's court of orgies? Or a thousand other 'new' lows to which we have allowed ourselves to sink.

We are bullied by the technology that is now in the hands of the ruling judaic. Use that technology to temporarily defeat this latest effort, but don't think it is the last battle. Don't deceive yourself that your progeny will live in a world in which such battles are no longer necessary. Just make sure that the fruit of your loins is not part of the next group of deluded bullies that desire to lord over the next bleeding crowd.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

The Liberation of the Death Camps

The Liberation of the Death Camps

Source: The Liberation of the Camps: Facts vs. Lies, by Theodore J. O’Keefe
Presented with pictures, captions and extensive commentary by Lasha Darkmoon
Why is it illegal in 16 countries to doubt the gas chambers when not a single gas chamber has ever been found?

Nothing has been more effective in establishing the authenticity of the Holocaust story in the minds of Americans than the terrible scenes that US troops discovered when they entered German concentration camps at the close of World War II.

At Dachau, Buchenwald, Dora, Mauthausen, and other work and detention camps, horrified US infantrymen encountered heaps of dead and dying inmates, emaciated and diseased. Survivors told them hair-raising stories of torture and slaughter, and backed up their claims by showing the GIs crematory ovens, alleged execution gas chambers, supposed implements of torture, and even shrunken heads and lampshades, gloves, and handbags purportedly made from skin flayed from dead inmates.

US government authorities, mindful that many Americans who remembered the atrocity stories fed them during World War I still doubted the Allied propaganda directed against the Hitler regime, resolved to “document” what the GIs had found in the camps. Prominent newsmen and politicians were flown in to see the harrowing evidence, while the US Army Signal Corps filmed and photographed the scenes for posterity. Famous journalist Edward R. Murrow reported, in tones of horror, but no longer of disbelief, what he had been told and shown, and Dachau and Buchenwald were branded on the hearts and minds of the American populace as names of infamy unmatched in the sad and bloody history of this planet.

For Americans, what was “discovered” at the camps — the dead and the diseased, the terrible stories of the inmates, all the props of torture and terror — became the basis not simply of a transitory propaganda campaign but of the conviction that, yes, it was true: the Germans did exterminate six million Jews, most of them in lethal gas chambers.

What the GIs found was used, by way of films that were mandatory viewing for the vanquished populace of Germany, to “re-educate” the German people by destroying their national pride and their will to a united, independent national state, imposing in their place overwhelming feelings of collective guilt and political impotence. And when the testimony, and the verdict, of the Nuremberg Tribunal incorporated most, if not all, of the horror stories Americans were told about Dachau, Buchenwald, and other places captured by the US Army, the Holocaust could pass for one of the most documented, one of the most authenticated, one of the most proven historical episodes in the human record.

A Different Reality

LarsonBut it is known today that, very soon after the liberation of the camps, American authorities were aware that the real story of the camps was quite different from the one in which they were coaching military public information officers, government spokesmen, politicians, journalists, and other mouthpieces.

When American and British forces overran western and central Germany in the spring of 1945, they were followed by troops charged with discovering and securing any evidence of German war crimes.

Among them was Dr. Charles Larson, one of America’s leading forensic pathologists, who was assigned to the US Army’s Judge Advocate General’s Department. As part of a US War Crimes Investigation Team, Dr. Larson performed autopsies at Dachau and some twenty other German camps, examining on some days more than 100 corpses. After his grim work at Dachau, he was questioned for three days by US Army prosecutors. [1]

Dr. Larson’s findings? In an 1980 newspaper interview he said: “What we’ve heard is that six million Jews were exterminated. Part of that is a hoax.” [2] And what part was the hoax? Dr. Larson, who told his biographer that to his knowledge he “was the only forensic pathologist on duty in the entire European Theater” of Allied military operations, [3] confirmed that “never was a case of poison gas uncovered.” [4]

Typhus, Not Poison Gas

If not by gassing, how did the unfortunate victims at Dachau, Buchenwald and Bergen-Belsen perish? Were they tortured to death or deliberately starved? The answers to these questions are known as well.

As Dr. Larson and other Allied medical men discovered, the chief cause of death at Dachau, Belsen and the other camps was disease, above all typhus, an old and terrible scourge of mankind that until recently flourished in places where populations were crowded together in circumstances where public health measures were unknown or had broken down. Such was the case in the overcrowded internment camps in Germany at war’s end, where, despite such measures as systematic delousing, quarantine of the sick and cremation of the dead, the virtual collapse of Germany’s food, transport, and public health systems led to catastrophe.

Perhaps the most authoritative statement of the facts as to typhus and mortality in the camps has been made by Dr. John E. Gordon, M.D., Ph.D., a professor of preventive medicine and epidemiology at the Harvard University School of Public Health, who was with US forces in Germany in 1945. Dr. Gordon reported in 1948 that “The outbreaks in concentration camps and prisons made up the great bulk of typhus infection encountered in Germany.” Dr. Gordon summarized the causes for the outbreaks as follows: [5]

Germany in the spring months of April and May [1945] was an astounding sight, a mixture of humanity traveling this way and that, homeless, often hungry and carrying typhus with them …

Germany was in chaos. The destruction of whole cities and the path left by advancing armies produced a disruption of living conditions contributing to the spread of the disease. Sanitation was low grade, public utilities were seriously disrupted, food supply and food distribution was poor, housing was inadequate and order and discipline were everywhere lacking. Still more important, a shifting of populations was occurring such as few countries and few times have experienced.

Dr. Gordon’s findings are corroborated by Dr. Russell Barton, today a psychiatrist of international repute, who entered Bergen-Belsen with British forces as a young medical student in 1945. Barton, who volunteered to care for the diseased survivors, testified under sworn oath in a Toronto courtroom in 1985 that “Thousands of prisoners who died at the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp during World War II weren’t deliberately starved to death but died from a rash of diseases.” [6]

a1006Dr. Barton further testified that on entering the camp he had credited stories of deliberate starvation but decided such stories were untrue after inspecting the well equipped kitchens and the meticulously maintained ledgers, dating back to 1942, of food cooked and dispensed each day.

Despite noisily publicized claims and widespread popular notions to the contrary, no researcher has been able to document a German policy of extermination through starvation in the German camps.

No ‘Human Skin’ Lampshades

What of the ghoulish stories of concentration camp inmates skinned for their tattoos, flayed to make lampshades and handbags, or other artifacts? What of the innumerable “torture racks,” “meathooks,” whipping posts, gallows, and other tools of torment and death that are reported to have abounded at every German camp? These allegations, and even more grotesque ones proffered by Soviet prosecutors, found their way into the record at Nuremberg.

Ilse Koch, known as “Buchenwälder Schlampe” or the Bitch of Buchenwald. We are told that “she reveled in torture and obscenity”, making lampshades out of human skin showing the tattoos of Jewish camp inmates. The alleged human skin, upon forensic analysis after WW2, turned out to be goat skin. Ilse Koch hanged herself in despair  at Aichach women’s prison on September 1, 1967 — yet another innocent victim of Jewish lies still which are still being perpetrated to this day. Here she is listed as one of the “10 Most Evil Women in History”,  along with Countess Elizabetrh Bathory of Hungary and childkiller Myra Hindley.  The lampshade and tattooed-skin charges were made against Ilse Koch, dubbed by journalists the “Bitch of Buchenwald,” who was reported to have furnished her house with objects manufactured from the tanned hides of luckless inmates.

Ilse Koch, known as “Buchenwälder Schlampe” or the Bitch of Buchenwald. We are told that “she reveled in torture and obscenity”, making lamp shades out of human skin showing the tattoos of Jewish camp inmates. The alleged human skin, upon forensic analysis after WW2, turned out to be goat skin. Ilse Koch hanged herself in despair at Aichach women’s prison on September 1, 1967 — yet another innocent victim of Jewish lies which are still being perpetrated to this day. Here she is listed as one of the “10 Most Evil Women in History”, along with Countess Elizabeth Bathory of Hungary and child-killer Myra Hindley.

But General Lucius Clay, military governor of the US zone of occupied Germany, who reviewed her case in 1948, told his superiors in Washington: “There is no convincing evidence that she [Ilse Koch] selected inmates for extermination in order to secure tattooed skins or that she possessed any articles made of human skin.” [7] In an interview General Clay gave years later, he stated about the material for the infamous lampshades: “Well, it turned out actually that it was goat flesh. But at the trial it was still human flesh. It was almost impossible for her to have gotten a fair trial.” [8]

Ilse Koch hanged herself in a German jail in 1967.


†   Lasha Darkmoon comments: It is now common knowledge that all the tall stories relating to Jewish skin being turned into lamp shades are grotesque fabrications. There is not a single Holocaust scholar in the world today who believes these fairy tales any longer. Even Jewish Wikipedia asks the question, “Did the Germans make lamp shades from prisoners’ skin?” and gives the answer: “No, they didn’t…it seems to be a popular urban legend.”

In spite of this, “Holocaust survivors” still continue to spread these false stories in schools across the country, perverting the minds of children with their vicious lies. One such is Czechoslovakian Jewess Frida Herskovits who told schoolchildren quite recently that she had learned of Nazi surgeries in which Jewish “organs were removed and human skin was used to make lamp shades and picture frames.”

Frida had not only seen Nazi guards throw sick Jews into a ditch and burn them alive after dousing them with kerosene—“The screams were unbelievable!”—she had also witnessed with her own eyes a pregnant mother have her baby ripped out of her womb by German Shepherd dogs!

If you want to see a photo of Frida, looking unusually jolly for a woman so traumatized, click here.

It would be tedious to itemize and refute the thousands of bizarre claims as to Nazi atrocities. That there were instances of German cruelty, however, is clear from the testimony of Dr. Konrad Morgen, a legal investigator attached to the Reich Criminal Police, whose statements on the witness stand at Nuremberg have never been challenged by proponents of the Jewish Holocaust story. Dr. Morgen informed the court that he had been given full authority by Heinrich Himmler, commander of Hitler’s SS and the dread Gestapo, to enter any German concentration camp and investigate instances of cruelty and corruption on the part of camp personnel.

As he explained in sworn testimony at Nuremberg, Dr. Morgen investigated 800 such cases, resulting in more than 200 convictions. [9] Punishments included the death penalty for the worst offenders, including Hermann Florstedt, commandant of Lublin (Majdanek), and Karl Koch (Ilse’s husband), commandant of Buchenwald.

While German camp commandants in certain cases did inflict physical punishment, such acts had to be approved by authorities in Berlin, and it was required that a camp physician first certify the good health of the prisoner to be disciplined, and then be on hand at the actual beating. [10] After all, throughout most of the war the camps were important centers of industrial activity. The good health and morale of the prisoners was critical to the German war effort, as is evidenced in a January 1943 order issued by SS General Richard Glücks, chief of the office that supervised the concentration camps. It held the camp commanders “personally responsible for exhausting every possibility to preserve the physical strength of the detainees.” [11]

Camp Survivors: Merely Victims?

US Army investigators, working at Buchenwald and other camps, quickly ascertained what was common knowledge among veteran inmates: that the worst offenders, the cruelest denizens of the camps, were not the guards but the prisoners themselves. Common criminals of the same stripe as those who populate US prisons today committed many villainies, particularly when they held positions of authority, and fanatical Communists, highly organized to combat their many political enemies among the inmates, eliminated their foes with Stalinist ruthlessness.

Two US Army investigators at Buchenwald, Egon W. Fleck and Edward A. Tenenbaum, carefully investigated circumstances in the camp before its liberation. In a detailed report submitted to their superiors, they revealed, in the words of Alfred Toombs, their commander, who wrote a preface to the report, “how the prisoners themselves organized a deadly terror within the Nazi terror.” [12]

Fleck and Tenenbaum described the power exercised by criminals and Communists as follows:

The [Jewish] trusties, who in time became almost exclusively Communist Germans, had the power of life and death over all other inmates. They could sentence a man or a group to almost certain death … The Communist trusties were directly responsible for a large part of the brutalities at Buchenwald.

Colonel Donald B. Robinson, chief historian of the American military government in Germany, summarized the Fleck-Tenenbaum report in an article published in an American magazine shortly after the war. Colonel Robinson wrote succinctly of the American investigators’ findings:

“It appeared that the prisoners who agreed with the Communists ate; those who didn’t starved to death.” [13]

Additional corroboration of inmate brutality has been provided by Ellis E. Spackman, who, as Chief of Counter-Intelligence Arrests and Detentions for the US Seventh Army, was involved in the liberation of Dachau. Spackman, later a professor of history at San Bernardino Valley College in California, wrote in 1966 that at Dachau “the prisoners were the actual instruments that inflicted the barbarities on their fellow prisoners.” [14]


†   Lasha Darkmoon comments:  Another Jewish Holocaust survivor, Yanina Cywinska, tells us she had witnessed evil Nazis “parade around briefcases and lamps made of human skin while washing their bodies with soap composed of Jewish bones.” She is obviously unaware that the human soap story has been proved every bit as false as the human lamp shade story.

In 1981, professor of Modern Jewish History and Holocaust expert Deborah Lipstadt wrote in a letter to the Los Angeles Times that “the fact is, the Nazis never used the bodies of Jews, or for that matter, anyone else, for the production of soap. The soap rumor was thoroughly investigated after the war and proved to be untrue.”

Shmuel Krakowski, Director of Archives of Israel’s Yad Vashem Holocaust Center, confirmed in a Chicago Tribune article titled, “A Holocaust Belief Cleared Up” that: “historians have concluded that soap was not made from human fat.”

This doesn’t stop Yanina Cywinska and other “Holocaust Survivors” like her from manufacturing human soap and lampshade stories ad infinitum.

Yanina had seen some horrible things happen in the concentration camps, including “nails and eyes pulled out of Jewish people.” This would probably account for her pessimism and negative attitude toward Yaveh. “If God is so almighty power,” she asks grimly, “why didn’t he stop the atrocities?” Good question. We’ll leave that to God.

If you want to see a photo of Yanina, looking particularly jolly for a woman so traumatized, click here.

‘Gas Chambers’

In December 1944 US Army officers Colonel Paul Kirk and Lt. Colonel Edward J. Gully inspected the German concentration camp at Struthof-Natzweiler in Alsace. They submitted their findings to their superiors, who subsequently forwarded their report to the US War Crimes Division. While, significantly, the full text of their report has never been published, it has been revealed, by a historian supportive of Holocaust claims, that the two investigators were careful to characterize equipment exhibited to them by French informants as a “so-called lethal gas chamber,” and to claim it was “allegedly used as a lethal gas chamber.” [15] (Emphasis added)

Both the careful phraseology of the Natzweiler report, and its effective suppression, stand in stark contrast to the credulity, the confusion, and the blaring publicity that accompanied official reports of alleged gas chambers at Dachau. At first, a US Army photo depicting a GI gazing at a steel door marked with a skull and crossbones and the German words for: “Caution! Gas! Mortal danger! Don’t open!,” was identified as showing the murder weapon. [16]

Revisionist scholar Robert Faurisson: "Show me a gas chamber!"Later, however, it was evidently decided that the apparatus in question was merely a standard delousing chamber for clothing, and another alleged gas chamber, this one cunningly disguised as a shower room, was exhibited to American congressmen and journalists as the site where thousands breathed their last. While there exist numerous reports in the press as to the operation of this second “gas chamber,” no official report by trained Army investigators has yet surfaced to reconcile such problems as the function of the shower heads: Were they “dummies,” or did lethal cyanide gas stream through them? (Each theory has appreciable support in journalistic and historiographical literature.)

Revisionist scholar Robert Faurisson: “Show me a single gas chamber!”

As with Dachau, so with Buchenwald, Bergen-Belsen, and the other camps liberated by the Allies in western Germany. There was no end of propaganda about “gas chambers,” “gas ovens,” and the like, but so far not a single detailed description of the murder weapon and its function, not a single report of the kind that is mandatory for the successful prosecution of any assault or murder case in America at that time and today, has come to light.

Furthermore, a number of Holocaust authorities have now publicly decreed that there were no gassings, no extermination camps in Germany after all. (We are now told that “gassing” and “extermination” camps were located exclusively in what is now Poland, in areas captured by the Soviet Red Army and made off-limits to western investigators.)

Dr. Martin Broszat of the Munich-based Institute for Contemporary History, which is funded by the German government, stated categorically in a 1960 letter to the German weekly Die Zeit: “Neither in Dachau nor in Bergen-Belsen nor in Buchenwald were Jews or other prisoners gassed.” [17] Professional “Nazi hunter” Simon Wiesenthal stated in 1975 and again in 1993 that “there were no extermination camps on German soil.” [18]

Dachau “gas chamber” No. 2, which was once presented to a stunned and grieving world as a weapon that claimed hundreds of thousands of lives, is now described in the brochure issued to tourists at the modern Dachau “memorial site” in these words: “This gas chamber, camouflaged as a shower room, was not used.” [19]

The Propaganda Intensifies

More than 50 years after American troops entered Dachau, Buchenwald and other German camps, and trained American investigators established the facts as to what had gone on in them, the government in Washington, the entertainment media in Hollywood, and the print media in New York continue to churn out millions of words and images annually on the horrors of the camps and the infamy of the Holocaust. Despite the fact that, with the exception of the defeated Confederacy, no enemy of America has ever so suffered so complete and devastating defeat as did Germany in 1945, the mass media and the politicians and bureaucrats behave as if Hitler, his troops, and his concentration camps continue to exist in an eternal present, and our opinion makers continue to distort, through ignorance or malice, the facts about the camps.


†   Lasha Darkmoon comments:  The story of Holocaust survivor Rivska Yosselevska is even more horrific and bizarre than those of Frida Herskovits and Yanina Cywinska related above. Despite being shot in the head and thrown into a pit with a mass of Jewish corpses piled on top of her, Rivska managed to claw her way to the top of the seething heap of limbs and somehow make her escape under the vigilant eyes of the Nazi guards. It wasn’t an easy job, given that the “dying victims” in the pit were “biting my legs, pulling me down.”

Other Jews also managed to crawl out of the pit and do a bunk for it, but the Nazis tracked them down and killed them all. Only Rivska survived to tell the tale. She lay three days by the side of the pit, utterly traumatized, “and saw blood spurting out of the ground.”

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Time for the Truth

It is time that the government and the professional historians reveal the facts about Dachau, Buchenwald and the other camps. It is time they let the American public know how the inmates died, and how they didn’t die. It is time that the claims of mass murder by gassing are clarified and investigated in the same manner as any other claims of murder. It is time that the free ride certain groups have enjoyed as the result of unchallenged Holocaust claims be terminated, just as it is time to end the scapegoating of other groups, including Germans, eastern Europeans, the Roman Catholic hierarchy, and the wartime leadership of America and Britain, either for their alleged role in the Holocaust or their supposed failure to stop it.

Above all, it is time that the citizens of this great Republic have the facts about the camps, facts they have a right to know, a right that is fundamental to the exercise of their authority and their will in the governance of their country. As citizens and as taxpayers, Americans of all ethnic backgrounds, of all faiths, have a basic right and an overriding interest in determining the facts of incidents that are deemed by those in positions of power to be significant in determining America’s foreign and educational policy, as well as its selection of past events to be memorialized in our civic life.

Today the alleged facts of the Holocaust are at issue all over the civilized world. The truth will be decided only by recourse to the facts, in the public forum: not by concealing the facts, denying the truth, stonewalling reality. The truth will out, and it is time the government of this country, and governments and international bodies throughout the world, make public the evidence of what actually transpired in the German concentration camps in the years 1933-1945, so that we may put paid to the lies, without fear or favor, and carry out the work of reconciliation and renewal that is and must be the granite foundation of mutual tolerance between peoples and of a peace based on justice.


The conclusions of the early US Army investigations as to the truth about the wartime German concentration camps have since been corroborated by all subsequent investigators and can be summarized:

The harrowing scenes of dead and dying inmates were not the result of a German policy of “extermination,” but rather the result of epidemics of typhus and other disease brought about largely by the effects of Allied aerial attacks.

Stories of Nazi supercriminals and sadists who turned Jews and others into handbags and lampshades for their private profit or amusement were sick lies or diseased fantasies; indeed, the German authorities punished corruption and cruelty on the part of camp commanders and guards.

On the other hand, portrayals of the newly liberated inmates as saints and martyrs of Hitlerism were quite often very far from the truth; indeed, most of the brutalities inflicted on camp detainees were the work of their fellow prisoners, in contravention of German policy and German orders.

The alleged homicidal showers and gas chambers were used either for bathing camp inmates or delousing their clothes; the claim that they were used to murder Jews or other human beings is a contemptible fabrication. Orthodox historians and professional “Nazi-hunters” have quietly dropped claims that inmates were gassed at Dachau, Buchenwald and other camps in Germany. They continue, however, to keep silent regarding the lies about Dachau and Buchenwald, as well as to evade an open discussion of the evidence for homicidal gassing at Auschwitz and the other camps captured by the Soviets.


“The alleged Hitlerite gas chambers and the alleged genocide of the Jews constitute one and the same historical lie, which made possible a gigantic financial-political fraud, the principal beneficiaries of which are the State of Israel and international Zionism, and whose principal victims are the German people -- but not their leaders -- and the entire Palestinian people.” Robert Faurisson, the famous "60 words sentence", formulated in 1980. †   Lasha Darkmoon comments:  Did you know that that there is a Holocaust memorial center in Cuba where bars of soap allegedly made from Jewish fat are buried and held in high honor by endless streams of gullible tourists? The plaque reads: “Honoring their memory. In this place are buried pieces of soap made from Jewish human fat, part of 6 million victims of Nazi barbarism of the 2oth century. Peace to their remains.”

To read the plaque in Spanish, click here.

It’s the same old story in superstitious Rumania. In the town of Targu Mures, pilgrims pray over bars of soap allegedly made of “pure Jewish fat.” Quite a brisk trade is apparently done in these soap bars, each inscribed with the initials ‘RJF’—Reine Jüdisch Fett (pure Jewish fat). Needless to say, the soap is not meant to be used but to be buried in the cemetery at Targu Mures where people come to pray over the holy soap. Forensic analysis of the soap is not permitted; it is too sacred. (See here)


Robert Faurisson formulated this famous “60-word sentence” in 1980. It constitutes the position of most Holocaust Revisionist scholars today, in open defiance of the mainstream narrative:  “The alleged Hitlerite gas chambers and the alleged genocide of the Jews constitute one and the same historical lie, which made possible a gigantic financial-political fraud, the principal beneficiaries of which are the State of Israel and international Zionism, and whose principal victims are the German people—but not their leaders—and the entire Palestinian people.”